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Wordle 2 Word Game – What’s The Wordle 2 Answer Today [23/05/2022]


While searching for the Games like Wordle, I found the Wordle 2 game online. This game is 6 letter word guess game and the entire interface, theme and everything is similar to the World Fame Wordle.

After the Wordle Hype and craze many games developers are adopting this concept and developing games like it. Today we have Sweardle, Octordle, Nerdle, and many others.

But, you may not know that there is exactly the same ditto game as Wordle Known as Wordle 2 with the only difference of one alphabet.


Wordle 2 Answer

Today’s Wordle 2 Answer is SEVERE
– 23rd May 2022 (Morning)

DIFFER – 23rd May 2022 (Evening)

We are starting our new Series of Wordle 2 answers. Here you will get the Wordle 2 answers daily.

Wordle 2

Also, check out the answers to Previous Wordle2 games in the past. Today was our first entry so we were only given the Latest answers.

What is Wordle 2?

It is a new style of algorithmically generated word puzzle game. Users have to guess a random word from the available Alphabets in 6 attempts maximum. Remember it is a must that you create a word present in the dictionary.

Once you guessed the word it will be assigned by color for recognization on a Shared platform or web.

After the successful guess, you have to wait for 10 hours to play the new Wordle 2 game again.

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Wordle 2 Game Rules

Each user gets 6 tries to guess the word of the day. Maybe you are watching the 6 tires with inferiority but for a 6 letter word they are more than enough.

So, you have the option of 6 attempts to find Wordle 2 Word of the day, each having 6 Letters. Words must be correct according to Wordle 2 dictionary.

List of All Past Wordle 2 Answers

23rd May 2022DIFFER
23rd May 2022SEVERE
22nd May 2022NOBODY
22nd May 2022WEEKLY
21st May 2022FRIDAY
21st May 2022GROUND
20th May 2022SUPPLY
20th May 2022EITHER
19th May 2022SEEING
19th May 2022USEFUL
18th May 2022STRIKE
18th May 2022INJURY
17th May 2022CAREER
17th May 2022MONDAY
16th May 2022FAIRLY
16th May 2022BETTER
15th May 2022REMOTE
15th May 2022LEGACY
14th May 2022POLICY
14th May 2022BORDER
13th May 2022SILENT
13th May 2022ADVICE
12th May 2022SHOULD
12th May 2022TENANT
11th May 2022SIMPLE
11th May 2022STOLEN
10th May 2022PICKED
10th May 2022AFRAID
9th May 2022ENSURE
9th May 2022WEIGHT
8th May 2022CHOICE
8th May 2022RETAIN
7th May 2022EXPORT
7th May 2022HONEST
6th May 2022METHOD
6th May 2022SAMPLE
5th May 2022BUTTON
5th May 2022MOBILE
4th May 2022DEFINE
4th May 2022FOLLOW
3rd May 2022TRAVEL
3rd May 2022EFFECT
2nd May 2022SILVER
2nd May 2022NARROW
1st May 2022SECTOR
1st May 2022RETURN
30th April 2022BURDEN
30th April 2022UNITED
29th April 2022LOSING
29th April 2022DECADE
28th April 2022DURING
28th April 2022ORANGE
27th April 2022IMPORT
27th April 2022REGARD
26th April 2022REVEAL
26th April 2022SECRET
25th April 2022YELLOW
25th April 2022FAILED
24th April 2022GROWTH
24th April 2022DESIRE
23rd April 2022RISING
23rd April 2022LABOUR
22nd April 2022SMOOTH
22nd April 2022NATION
21st April 2022FLIGHT
21st April 2022CAUGHT
20th April 2022BOTTLE
20th April 2022TWELVE
19th April 2022ENTIRE
19th April 2022VARIED
18th April 2022TENDER
18th April 2022DRIVEN
17th April 2022UNABLE
17th April 2022MOTION
16th April 2022PLEASE
16th April 2022FINGER
15th April 2022ENOUGH
15th April 2022RATING
14th April 2022REPEAT
14th April 2022NEARLY
13th April 2022SUMMER
13th April 2022PURSUE
12th April 2022SYMBOL
12th April 2022SEASON
11th April 2022OFFSET
11th April 2022STRONG
10th April 2022CHOOSE
10th April 2022STEADY
9th April 2022SECURE
9th April 2022BREATH
8th April 2022MARKET
8th April 2022PREFER
7th April 2022PERSON
7th April 2022LETTER
6th April 2022LEAVES
6th April 2022RESORT
5th April 2022COFFEE
5th April 2022MOMENT
4th April 2022MEMBER
4th April 2022RARELY
3rd April 2022THREAT
3rd April 2022FEMALE
2nd April 2022HEADED
2nd April 2022FOURTH
1st April 2022RELIEF
1st April 2022FATHER
31st March 2022OBTAIN
31st March 2022BUREAU
30th March 2022RECENT
30th March 2022FRIEND
29th March 2022SOVIET
29th March 2022STREAM
28th March 2022CAMERA
28th March 2022FOREST
27th March 2022FORMER
27th March 2022COURSE
26th March 2022MARGIN
26th March 2022CLOSED
25th March 2022CHURCH
25th March 2022DINNER
24th March 2022DEGREE
24th March 2022DOMAIN
23rd March 2022SENIOR
23rd March 2022PALACE
22nd March 2022MEDIUM
22nd March 2022CREATE
21st March 2022LAWYER
21st March 2022DOUBLE
20th March 2022STATUS
20th March 2022TOWARD
19th March 2022BOUGHT
19th March 2022BRIGHT
18th March 2022REMAIN
18th March 2022FALLEN
17th March 2022FABRIC
17th March 2022COVERS
16th March 2022SERVER
16th March 2022THOUGH
15th March 2022EXCESS
15th March 2022MERGER
14th March 2022MATURE
14th March 2022THANKS
13th March 2022MEMORY
13th March 2022UNLIKE
12th March 2022MODULE
12th March 2022DOCTOR
11th March 2022SQUARE
11th March 2022HANDED
10th March 2022VENDOR
10th March 2022MARTIN
9th March 2022SUDDEN
9th March 2022CUSTOM
8th March 2022EXTENT
8th March 2022STRING
7th March 2022WINNER
7th March 2022BUDGET
6th March 2022JUNIOR
6th March 2022BEYOND
5th March 2022EASILY
5th March 2022EXCEPT
4th March 2022CHOSEN
4th March 2022INCOME
3rd March 2022REPLAY
3rd March 2022WINDOW
2nd March 2022LAUNCH
2nd March 2022STRUCK
1st March 2022TAUGHT
1st March 2022HANDLE
28th Feb 2022SWITCH
28th Feb 2022SWITCH
27th Feb 2022SINGLE
27th Feb 2022INTENT
26th Feb 2022ENGINE
26th Feb 2022REPAIR
25th Feb 2022TRYING
25th Feb 2022READER
24th Feb 2022SAFETY
24th Feb 2022NEARBY
23rd Feb 2022CENTER
23rd Feb 2022REDUCE
22nd Feb 2022CANCER
21st Feb 2022DANGER
21st Feb 2022THIRTY
20th Feb 2022LATEST
19th Feb 2022EXPAND
18th Feb 2022STRICT
18th Feb 2022DEMAND
17th Feb 2022LENGTH
17th Feb 2022ENERGY
16th Feb 2022SPIRIT
16th Feb 2022NOTICE
15th Feb 2022INVEST
15th Feb 2022CHANGE
14th Feb 2022VISION


The green color indicates that the “letter is a part of today’s answer and is in the correct position”.

Now if we talk about Grey Color, it indicates that “This letter is not a part of today’s answer”.

The Yellow Color indicates that the “letter is a part of today’s answer but is in the wrong position”

We brought the image illustration of the Wordle 2 Game, which will let us make you understand better about the Wordle 2 colors.

A yellow highlighted alphabet E in our first guess indicates that this letter belongs in the answer but not at the correct place (the Fifth letter in our case) the R in our second guess represents the same.

Green squares on S in our 4th guess and on E in the same guess mean that the respective letters belong in the answer and are also in the correct position according to the day.

Where to play Wordle 2 Game?

Most the people who are new to Wordle 2 are not aware of where to find and play Wordle 2. We are providing the link below. Click on the link and it will take you right to the Wordle 2 play game page.


We recommend link must be opened on Chrome So that you can easily share the results on Facebook.

Wordle 2 App for Android and iOS?

No, there are no apps for Wordle 2 for Android or iOS. It is only a browser-based game and you can play it on Mobiles using Chrome, Safari, or any other browser app on your phone.

By the way, it is just better to play such a game on a browser rather than having a game app.

Final Remarks

I was not into Wordle Games they don’t belong to my school but Worlde makes me fall in love with this game. After the massive success of the game and acquisition by Newyork Times, I never thought that any other Word game will get close to it.

But, Wordle 2 took the thing to a whole new level, with just one more alphabet, and Wordle 2 became more interesting than Wordle. Keep visiting itsdailytech.com daily to get Wordle 2 answers from here.

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