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Best Procreate Alternatives for Windows 10


If you have an iPhone or iPad, then you must know about the Procreate App. This app has taken digital art to another level. This app has become the Adobe of iOS. A huge success even though the app has an expensive price tag of 9.99$.

The app is available on iOS and iPadOS only. No Android, no Windows, no macOS, the procreate app developers are acting like they are stepfather of other operating systems. As the apps are not developed for Windows so people are searching for Alternatives. Many people are asking tech experts regarding the best Procreate Alternatives to Windows 10.

What is procreate and why it is so Viral?

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Procreate is a drawing and painting app. This app is playing a major role in the development of art through digital devices. It provides a chance to thousands of artists to show their talent against a very minor amount. There are many artists who sold their art at a healthy price thanks to Procreate.

Overall the app is so special, each and every fundamental is perfect in it. One specific thing which got the attention of users is sketching. Procreate users and viewers have said that they had never seen such realistic sketching in the digital world, it looks 100 percent real. So, this part makes the app so famous that people started it comparing with the tycoons and moguls.

Best Procreate Alternatives for Windows 10

Here, we are bringing the best Alternative for Procreate on Windows 10. Some of these alternatives are even better than the Procreate and their rate is also very reasonable. So, let’s start with the Autodesk Sketchbook.

1. Autodesk Sketchbook — Tried and Tested

Well, no doubt Procreate is fast and impressive but it can never compete with the giant Autodesk Sketchbook. Team and development-wise, Autodesk Sketchbook is far ahead of Procreate. And, unlike the Procreate that costs around 9.99$, the Audioskecth book charges you nothing. Just install the app and signup. After that, users will be able to use Autodesk Sketchbook.

Procreate Alternative

You can even use an active stylus on this app and it supports palm rejection too, in case you have a touchscreen Windows 10 device.


  • A strong team at back keeps improving the app.
  • Free of cost.
  • Palm Gentrures support
  • Unlimited and infinite creaking including Canvas

2. Concepts — New and emerging Illustrator

t’s specially optimized for the Surface Pen, Surface Pro X and other ARM64 based Windows 10 devices. Further, Concepts offers almost zero latency just like Procreate. Concepts are one of the few Procreate alternatives that offer a similar level of touchscreen controls on an infinite canvas. The best part is that if you have a touchscreen Windows laptop then you can access unique tools like the color dial. Surely one of the best Procreate Alternatives.

There is likewise this distinctive canvas type where you can choose the foundation from different surfaces and preset papers. In the event that you are utilizing a functioning pointer like Wacom, you can use its speed include for adaptable portraying and drawing. Basically, assuming you are searching for the best Procreate elective for Windows 10, do investigate Concepts.


  • Unique Dial
  • Best for illustrations and sketches
  • Optimized for Surface devices
  • Flexible brushes

3. Affinity Designer — Junior but blaster

Well, Affinity Designer maybe flies above the heads of some people. This software is complex and the main thing is it is not drawing, painting or sketching. It is used for engineering purposes. But, users who once know how to use this app can extract the maximum out of it.

Procreate Alternative

By the way, the app always guides yous either you are a beginner or a pro. My favorite thing about Affinity Designer is that all its tools and features are built keeping end-users in mind. That means they are easy to access and easy to learn and use. We can say the best Procreate Alternatives.


  • Simple UI
  • Create all sorts of graphics
  • All-in-one graphics editing program
  • Best for vector illustration

4. Corel Painter 2021

If you ever go to your area’s local stationery and printing shop then you may saw them always using one software that is Coral. If we say it is the most used medium-level art-related software in the world then we will be 100 percent right.

Procreate Alternative

There is no difficulty in using this software for beginners. Corel Painter is supported by its huge library of video tutorials which is great for beginners to get started. You get a vast selection of brushes (more than 900), exclusive particles, pattern pens, thick paintbrushes, and much more.


  • Feature-packed
  • More than 900 brushes
  • Extension support
  • Tutorials for beginners

5. Krita – Ditto Alternative

Users who are searching for an exact copy of Procreate app than Krita is the one. It is the true alternative to Procreate, which makes you feel like a Procreate Clone. You can produce conceptual art, comics, and complicated illustrations using many of its powerful tools. May you not know that Krita is the most popular art app among the Linux community.

if you are looking for the best drawing app like Procreate on Windows 10 then Krita is the program you need. It is also a recommendation of ours. If you ask us what you suggest from these alternatives then surely Krita is the best. Get this Procreate alternative for free.


  • Create art and comics
  • Free and open-source
  • Advance layers
  • Supports Raster graphics

6. MediBang Paint — Heart of Animation

Well, if you are one of the otakus and love to create your own Anime then this software is the best of all time. This app is primarily used for creating and editing anime. I saw the app interface on an Instagram post. That guy was a meme creator he was using MediBang Paint software for creating memes. So, you can take many other works from MediBang Paint for Windows and macOS.

Procreate Alternative

The app offers various tools including over 800 tones/backgrounds, brushes, over 50 brushes, and 20 fonts style. Start your career as an animator.


  • More than 50 brushes
  • Best for Manga and Comic creators
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Over 800 backgrounds
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