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Windows 11: Remove Weather Widget from Taskbar


Does the sunshine extra on your desktop, you can remove it if you find that annoying. Remove the weather Widget from your Windows 11 and keep it as simple as stock.

We will guide you on how to remove Weather Widget on windows 11. All you need to do is follow the steps written here. Infact there are multiple methods through which you can disable weather Widget from Windows 11 desktop. Windows 11 has a redesigned widget gallery that is less intrusive relative to before.

If you have used Windows 10 before you can relate this topic to Windows 10 too because there was also the weather widget there too. Similarly, we got the Weather Widget among other new ones too on Windows 11. But many users don’t like it because we want to keep the desktop as simple and less rushy as possible.


How to Remove the Weather Widget from the Taskbar and Widget Gallery

The first and easiest procedure to remove the weather widget from Widget 11 is using the Widget Gallery where all other Widgets are present. Just a 2 step process and Windows 11 Weather widget will vanish. To do so, follow a couple of steps written below.

Open the widget gallery by clicking on the ‘Live Weather’ tile present on the left corner of the taskbar on your Windows 11 computer. or, you can do the same by pressing Windows+W keys together. Windows touch screen laptop users have more ease they just need to swipe right on the Weather Widget in order to remove it.

Remove Weather Card from Widget Gallery on Windows 11

Now, hover over the weather card from the widget gallery, and click on the ellipsis icon (three dots icon). A context menu will appear. Now you need to click to choose the ‘Remove widget’ option from the context menu.

Remove Weather Card from Widget Gallery on Windows 11

After the action, the Windows 11 weather Widget icon will vanish instantly.

Disable All Widget on Windows 11 Collectively

Another option to remove Weather Widget on Windows 11 is to disable all Widgets on Windows 11. It is quite easy but it will disable those widgets also which you may need. So, We are not in the right to using this option, just writing it for your knowledge.

If you want completely disable all widgets on Windows 11, you need to open the Settings app on Windows 11. You can open settings either from the pinned app or by searching for it from the Start Menu. The shortcut key to open Windows 11 Settings is the  Windows+I .

Remove Weather Card from Widget Gallery on Windows 11

Under the Windows 11 Settings, You need to click on the ‘personalization’ tile present on the right section.

Remove Weather Card from Widget Gallery on Windows 11

There is also another way to access Windows 11 taskbar Settings, you need to right-click on the taskbar and select the ‘Taskbar settings’. It will take you straight to the undercover settings of the taskbar on Windows 11.

Remove Weather Card from Widget Gallery on Windows 11Under the taskbar settings, you need to locate the Widgets option.

Remove Weather Card from Widget Gallery on Windows 11


Scroll down to find the option if not appear at the first instance. There will be a slider switch on the far right edge of the Widgets option. Click on the Switch to turn off it. It will disable all the widgets on Windows 11 including the Weather widget.

Final Words

We are not in the favour of disabling other widgets along with the Weather Widget on Windows 11. Maybe you are not into knowing Weather conditions so much, you can just remove the weather Widget on Windows 11. But, disabling all widgets can also remove the date, time widget which is not a good thing. So we suggest you stick with the first procedure only.

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