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Fix: WhatsApp Emojis Not Showing on iPhone [2022]

  • WhatsApp has its very own emoji designs that only appear on its messenger and web.
  • Only iOS users seem to have trouble with receiving and viewing these emojis.
  • Here, I’ll be discussing ways to fix WhatsApp Emojis Not Showing on iPhone.
WhatsApp Emojis Not Showing on iPhone

There would be no fun in having conversations with friends, without the usage of emojis. Because now, we are addicted to these little pieces of art that help us show our emotions to our loved ones. So now, our conversations would look dull without them.

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The worst-case scenario is when we get to receive question marks, instead of receiving a moody emoji. So if you are receiving boxes or question marks, instead of emojis on WhatsApp, consult with the following section.


How Do I Fix WhatsApp Emojis Not Showing on iPhone?

There can be something wrong with your iOS device or the installed keyboard. In both cases, you can perform some workarounds to get rid of this WhatsApp Emojis Not Showing issue. All you have to do is to perform the following methods.

Total Time: 4 minutes

Restart iPhone

To ensure that it’s just a normal glitch, you should first restart your iPhone. This might help your iOS device is responding well to the received requests, to help you make the most out of WhatsApp.

Depending on your iPhone model, you should perform one method from the following steps.

1. iPhone X or higher (with no home button): Press-n-hold the Volume up and side buttons, until your get the power options. Swipe right to power off your iPhone. Now, turn it on, after waiting for 30 seconds.

2. iPhone SE or earlier (with home button): Long-press the Side button and swipe the Power slider. Turn your iOS device on again, after 30 seconds.

Once you have restarted your iPhone, check if the emojis have started to appear or not.

Configure Emoji Keyboard Manually

iOS users can add/configure the emoji keyboard directly from the Settings app. They are allowed to make certain changes with the default keyboard, so there’s no need of installing any third-party keyboard.

1. Visit Settings on your iPhone.

2. Navigate to General >> Keyboard.

3. Tap on the Keyboards option.

4. Hit the Add New Keyboard link.

5. Choose the Emoji option from the dictionary.

6. Launch WhatsApp and tap on the Globe icon from your keyboard to access the emojis.

Remove Emoji Keyboard

If you encounter any issues with the newly added emoji keyboard, you should consider removing it from the settings app. Because the colliding between two emoji keyboards can bring chaos while you are chatting with your WhatsApp buddies.

1. Launch Settings and go to General.

2. Navigate to Keyboard >> Keyboards.

3. Tap on the Edit link and delete the added Emoji keyboard.

4. Restart your iPhone and check if the error persists or has been fixed.

Reset Keyboard Settings

Even after implying modifications with your keyboard settings, you keep getting frustrated by the WhatsApp Emojis Not Showing error, you should consider resetting the Keyboard dictionary, so it could start responding well with the received WhatsApp emojis.

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Navigate to General >> Reset.

3. Tap on Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

4. Confirm your action by adding the right account credentials.

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