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What is Waffle? Everything You Should Know – 2022 Wordle Spinoff


Nowadays, many Wordle Spinoffs are taking over the world. Some of these spinoff games are worthy to be played, but others are a waste of time and energy. If you are looking for games like Wordle, there you should try some of these games. You can also try these wordle spinoffs Dordle, Nerdle, Quordle, & Octordle.

The above mentioned are just a few Wordle alike games. The games come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. However, the main difference between these game is the difficulty to solve the puzzles and the number of moves that the user have to complete the game within.

Today, I am here with another Wordle Spinoff. This variant of Wordle spinoff is known as Waffle. Waffle is created by James Robinson and he released the game for the world on 14th February 2022. If you want to learn everything about Waffle, then keep reading. Here I have added every piece of information about What is Waffle and how you can play it.


What is Waffle

What is Waffle And How You Can Play It?

Waffle is a wordle alike game, however, it is designed in a Waffle shape. While playing the game, the player has to guess multiple five-letter words. Moreover, this game offered help in terms of colors and letters, so the user can solve the puzzle in a few tries.

Form where Can I Play Waffle

Waffle is a web-based online game that can be played on any web browser of your device. To play the Waffle game, the player has to visit wafflegame.net. And this is the only website that is hosting Waffle. Moreover, when the player first opens this webpage, the How To Play section instantly pops on the screen. This page explains the rules of Waffle and tells about the number of moves in which the play has to complete the game.

Link: Waffle Game.

What is Waffle


Q1) How many moves are allotted by the waffle Game?

A) The user has no more than 15 moves to complete the waffle game. If the player solves the game in 15 or less than 15 moves, then he or she will be considered the winner. However, if the player is unable to complete the word guessing puzzle in 15 moves, then, unfortunately, they will lose the game.

Q2) How many Words Have to Be Untangled While Playing Waffle?

A) As you can see in the image above, there are three horizontal words and three vertical words. The player has to find all six words to complete the game.

Q3) How Is Waffle Different From Wordle?

A) First of all waffle is designed in the shape of a Waffle. So, there are four spaces in the Waffle game design. These spaces don’t have to be filled, as the game is designed in this way. Moreover, in Waffle, the player only has to switch the letters here are there to find the words, In wordle, the play has to guess the word. So, the difference is a lot, if compare with Wordle.

What is Waffle

Q4) What Are The Colors Hints in Waffle?

A) Waffle is using the same color hints, just like Wordle. However, Green, Yellow, and White colors are being used in the Waffle game. Where Green means, the alphabet is at the right position, Yellow means the alphabet at the wrong position or the word. And White means, the alphabet is not being used in the word.

What is Waffle

Waffle Game Modes

Currently, the waffle game is only offering one mode and that is a daily challenge mode. Once you complete your daily puzzle, the player has to wait to 10hours to play the daily game again.

Q) How Many Waffle Games Can Be Played In 24 hours?

A) As the player has to wait 10 hours to play the next Waffle game. So, the player can easily play two Waffle games in 24 hours.

Q) Is There A Hard Mode In Waffle?

A) No, currently there is no hard mode in the waffle game.

Q) Does Waffle Game Have An Application?

A) Just like Wordle, Waffle does not have any application. It can only be played on web browsers.

Waffle Streak

Yes, Waffle also comes with a street. The streak will begin when the user starts to win a game. Wind regularly to make your Waffle streak. Moreover, if you lose any day, the street will break and will go back to zero.

What is Waffle


This article was regarding What is Waffle? Everything You Should Know – 2022 Wordle Spinoff. If you have any questions, regarding this game or any other Wordle Spinoff, then ask in the comment section below. Thank you and keep supporting ItsDailyTech.

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