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What is BeReal and Why it is so popular in USA – Explained [2022]


From MSN which was developed in 1999 to Facebook developed in 2004 to the current era where we have thousands of options. Social Media apps and socializers are the never-ending love story

Social media apps and their craze seem to be evergreen and BeReal justify our statement pretty well. BeReal is the new social app that is getting popular day by day, especially inside America.

What is BeReal

BeReal app is the French Social app developed by Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau. It was released in 2020 but it became popular in 2022. 2 years of changing strategies and development are finally paying off for developers.


What is BeReal?

BeReal is the smartphone’s only social app developed for Android and iOS. This app comes with a simple concept. Unlike other social apps, this app gives you a challenge daily. At a random time, you will be notified and asked to share a snap within 2 minutes.

So, this app is not like alot of posts, snaps, etc daily. You have to share of snap in quick time as soon you share a notification. This unique concept is attracting alot of audiences. That’s why Celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Doja Cat, Kim Kardashian, etc are loving it. Their memes are also pretty viral on BeReal.

This is a unique way to discover your friends how they look and what they do in real life. See in real time what your friends are upto.

BeReal App Features

It’s time to use your iPhone 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max Camera in the best way. BeReal does complete justice with high-end smartphone cameras.

This app is designed to take instant selfies and frontal photos without lag and shake.

Screenshot Taken from Bere.al

All Friends will get the notification at the same time asking to share a snap.

Screenshot Taken from Bere.al

Users are able to discover real people from all around the world as well as nearby yours.

Apart from sharing snaps in 2 minutes BeReal also brings unique challenges frequently.

Screenshot Taken from Bere.al

Like Instagram, you can comment on your friend’s BeReal. Also, you can chat with all of their Friends as well.

BeReal App brings a new type of emojis known as Realmojis, you can create your own emojis representative.

Screenshot Taken from Bere.al

Users can also share location with BeReal real-time location feature. You can easily know where your friends are right now.

Your all BeReals will be saved in your archives.

Screenshot Taken from Bere.al

BeReal Notification Widget is really unique. Instead of a notification on the Notification bar, the app pushed a home screen widget when someone reacts to your BeReal.

Screenshot Taken from Bere.al

What are the Advantages of BeReal and Why it is So Popular in the US

The biggest advantage of this app is time-saving. On Facebook and Instagram, once you open the app you keep scrolling. You don’t realize how much time you wasted. On the other hand, the BeReal app just takes a few minutes of yours once in a day.

The app shows us real life, real persons, and real faces without filters.

You can extract your ultimate level of creativity by using BeReal. Show how creative or artistic you can be in just 2 minutes.

This app doesn’t lie to you by making you an influencer just like other apps do. You can keep using Instagram and TikTok if you want to become an influencer.

Doesn’t matter if you are verified or have millions of followers, how much you are famous etc. All people on this app are equal and get equal attention.

This app’s security, privacy, and lie detection is damn strong. If you succeed somehow you can work in the work. Such confidence is never seen in any other app developer.

This app is so much popular in many regions. But if we talk about the United States it is extremely popular nowadays. The Americans like BeReal Uniqueness, Creativity, People, and status equality, and a unique way of socializing. The most beloved reason for BeReal’s popularity in the US is time-saving.

People are also referring BeReal as a Clone of TikTok or Snapchat. But, Trust me this app is nothing like those apps it is completely unique and has its own style.

How does BeReal work?

At a random time every day, BeReal will give you the challenge to share your snap with your friends. You have just 2 minutes to make and share. Otherwise, your streak will get broken.

What happens if you miss a BeReal?

The answer to this question is very simple, NOTHING!. BeReal App doesn’t make you bound you that you must have to share when they ask. If you are free then share it otherwise leave it.

Is the BeReal app safe?

Safe! We can say this app is the safest among all. No privacy issue, not personal information disclosure. Only added friends can see your daily snap.

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