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What is Aida Time in Tower of Fantasy? [2022]

  • Aida Time is the time frame used in ToF.
  • It is used to measure time during gameplay.
  • I will help you understand Aida Time in Tower of Fantasy.
Aida Time in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is the subsidiary of Perfect World. This RPG platform has become famous in a matter of days and has become a part of the gossip of many famous players. At this time, Hotta Studio has come forward to help players farm and fight the demons with a variety of weapons.

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As for farming, a player has to be aware of the procedure to manipulate time in ToF. Because it takes time to farm a particular object and it can be time-consuming. Also, some demons only come out at the moon time, so players are required to wait, until these creatures come out, so they can hunt them down.


What is Aida Time in Tower of Fantasy?

Aida Time is the so-called time in ToF. There are four-time frames in Tower of Fantasy, which can be used to manipulate the time frame. However, a clock is presented to help players understand the time frame.

Aida Time in Tower of Fantasy

The presented in-game clock represents the following four-time frames:

  1. Sunrise
  2. Sunset
  3. Sun
  4. Moon

All of the aforementioned time frames come with a unique icon that’s seeable in the provided clock. Players can select any symbol to view the corresponding time in ToF. Though they should be aware of the fact that Aida Time is different from real-time.

The difference between Aida Time and Real Time is listed below:

  • 40 minutes of real-time equal to a full day of Aida time.
  • 1 minute of real-time is 36 minutes of Aida time.

In that case, if a player wants to wait for a half day in Tower of Fantasy, they simply need to wait for about 20-minutes of real-time. Else, wait for the onscreen clock to reach the preferred timeline.

Can I Change Aida Time?

Unfortunately, there’s no way of changing Aida Time. Because the time in Tower of Fantasy is synchronized with the global servers. That’s why the game doesn’t allow you to make such customizations.

Players are only allowed to view the time frame by clicking on the Sun icon, that’s placed beside the mini-map. Else, they are not given the privilege to customize it, according to their preferences.

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