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BeReal: What does Discovery mean under a Realmoji?

  • BeReal is a French-made social media app now famous in the USA.
  • This platform allows one to share realistic snaps without any filters and effects.
  • I will share details about the ‘What does Discovery mean under a Realmoji’ query.
What does Discovery mean under a Realmoji

Finally, a trustworthy social media platform is available in the market. The beauty of BeReal is that everyone can now finally avoid becoming a victim of any charades.

Because now, everyone is requested to share snaps that are clicked by his/her mobile cameras. And the app doesn’t allow one to edit the clicked snaps, so everything is kept honest by the developers.

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A user is requested to provide snaps within 2 minutes of the time frame. So he doesn’t get a chance of editing the BeReals, but only publishes them within the designated time.

However, it’s the choice of a user either to publish his BeReal only for his friends or publically. No matter the choice, the viewers are allowed to react through Realmojis on the posted content.

What does Discovery mean under a Realmoji?

Every user gets the option of viewing BeReals in two different tabs. One section is from his friends and the other one is Discovery, from which they get to view the public BeReals.

And when a user is viewing a BeReal, he gets to show his reaction in the shape of Realmoji. They can be good or bad, depending upon the viewer’s honest opinion.

So whenever you see Discovery written under Realmoji, it means that the person who reacted on your BeReal isn’t currently on your friend list.

Similarly, when your friend reacts on your BeReal, you don’t get any “Discovery” written under the Realmoji.

Long story short, Realmoji with Discover written under it, means that someone besides your friend reacted to your publically published content.

Do you get to change privacy settings on BeReal?

Yes, a user gets to claim the option of making certain privacy settings to make his BeReal only appear for his friends. He gets the option of disabling location or changing the visibility status.

One can either publish his BeReals for his friends only or publically, there’s no restriction on making your BeReals private.

Can you restrict Realmojis on your BeReals?

For now, there’s no option to restrict Realmojis on your BeReals. Because if you have a problem with Realmojis with Discovery written beneath it, you can simply publish the BeReals only for friends.

This way, only your friends would be able to view your BeReals, and only they’ll have the honor of reacting via Realmojis.

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