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What Channel Number is MeTV on DirecTV [2022]


People who are new on DirecTV are asking for the Channels number of MeTV. People spend many weeks just remembering the channel number when they are in the hundreds. New DirecTV users didn’t memorize the MeTV channel number yet! So, they are asking online to guide them.

What Channel Number is MeTV on DirecTV

We will mention the Channel Number of MeTV in every state on DirecTV. The below table will show you the complete list.


MeTV Channel Numbers on DirecTV

Here is a list of MeTV Channel numbers along with the location on DirecTV.

Channel Number Location
12 Seattle
33 New York
20, 54, 961 Los Angeles
33 Livingston
33 Anchorage
5 Denver
2 Wilmington
32 Atlanta
4 Honolulu
44 Montpelier
23 Chicago
24 St. Louis
5 Hastings
41 Milwaukee
44 Pinedale
  • Entertainment Plan will cost you $64.99 a month
  • Choice plan at $69.99 a month, and the Ultimate plan at $89.99 a month
  • Finally, the Premiere plan will cost you $139.99 a month

How to Watch MeTV for Free


  • Internal TV Antenna
  • Digital TV Tuner or
  • TV with builtin TV Tuner


  1. Place your antenna in such an area that you think it will receive good signal reception.
  2. Plug the other end of the antenna into your digital tuner or your TV.
  3. Open the Settings menu and select the option that says Scan for Channels.
  4. I will begin to search for channels that are available over the air.
  5. You can simply scroll through the channel list and start watching MeTV right away.
  6. You will either get clear reception of the channel or a bad one depending on your physical location.

Watch MeTV on Dish Network

If you do not have access to DirecTV for some reason in your region, you can also subscribe to Dish Network to watch MeTV.

  • America’s Top 120 Plan: 190 channels including local TV Channels. The price tag of $69.99 a month.
  • America’s Top 120 Plus: Various channels including local and sports channels. 1990+ channels at a price of $84.99 per month.
  • America’s Top 200 Plan: Over 240 channels which include, sports and local channels, top-rated channels such as Hallmark, Disney XD, A&E, and Sundance. It will cost you $94.99 per month.
  • America’s Top 250 Plan: Got to be local, sports, or additional channels like Bloomberg, Nicktoons, or Smithsonian. 290+ channels for $104.99 per month.

All you need to do is subscribe to any of the plans that have been mentioned below.

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