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Top 7 Free Web Browsers for Windows 11 in 2021


Every Windows 11 user needs a web browser that meets certain criteria. Most of us want to stay secured and private while browsing the internet. Similarly, some users like a clean interfaced web browser with easy navigation. So here, I’ll discuss the Top 7 Free Web Browsers for Windows 11 that you can install right now.

List of Free Web Browsers for Windows 11

The functionalities of web browsers may not differ from one another, but they all do come with a different interface. Some web browsers are resourceful and some of them provide online security to their users. So I’ll help you recognize which web browser for Windows 11 suits you the most.


Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most resourceful web browser that can be used on the latest Windows 11 build. It’s famous because it supports add-ons and extensions. One can benefit a lot from this web browser by signing in with a Google ID. And the person using it owns an Android smartphone, he can enable the synchronization process.

Chrome for Windows 11

Yes, there are some drawbacks to using Chrome. For instance, it consumes a lot of RAM and sometimes responds laggy. But it does have the power of launching several web pages without bothering you with any kinds of limitations. And it’s totally up to you, whether to sign in with a Google ID or use it without using any email account.

Download Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Now that Internet Explorer is deleted from Windows 11, users are provided with the option of using Microsoft Edge. Its clean interface and chromium-based support have made it a lot popular. It can be called a good alternative to Google Chrome. Because in it, you are allowed to enable the synchronization process.

Web Browsers for Windows 11

While using Microsoft Edge, you can sign in with a Google ID or Microsoft account. So it can also be a good option for those who want to sync data from Android to PC or vice versa. Furthermore, you can make tons of customizations with the browser’s default interface. Like enabling dark mode, sleeping tabs on Edge, and some other tweaks to make it secure & private.

Download Edge


If you are interested in browsing the internet without changing your IP address, Brave web browser can be of great assistance. It consists of special algorithms that allow users to visit websites without bieng interrupted by online ads & trackers. And because of that, you can experience a boost in browsing speed. Especially, when you launch more than one tabs at the same time.

Brave for Windows 11

The features of Brave web browsers may slightly differ from other web browsers. It comes with a clean interface that easy to understand and customize. You use it to browse the internet in incognito mode and enjoy the extra fast surfing speed.

Download Brave


Opera – a web browser that’s bieng well-known for its built-in free VPN facility. Users can benefit from it to visit websites securely and safely. It can be used to bypass online advertisements and block trackers. However, you also need to enable the Opera Turbo facility, if you are willing to visit websites fastly.

Opera for Windows 11

The Opera web browser didn’t get famous because of its laggy interface. But now the developers have made several changes in the web browser, making it easy for users to perform several operations with ease. Likewise, a crypto wallet is also added to the browser, so you can manage all your cryptocurrency from it.

Download Opera

Vivaldi Browser

In certain aspects, Vivaldi works similar to Opera. It’s mainly because this web browser for Windows 11 is also designed by the developers of Opera. But it contains a clean interface and does allow you to install Chrome add-ons and extensions. The tab navigation is easy and you can launch several web pages at the same time.

Vivaldi for Windows 11

The main reason for using Vivaldi is the lightweight browser experience. You’ll easily encounter that this browser consumes a lesser amount of your device’s RAM while allowing you to benefit from Chromium-based services.

Download Vivaldi

Mozilla Firefox

The most popular third-party web browser on Windows OS is Mozilla Firefox. Its Chromium-based support allows you to install add-ons and extensions for your benefit. And one of the main reason of its popularity are its privacy protocols provided in the incognito mode. In comparison to other web browsers for Windows 11, its incognito mode is a lot secure.

Mozilla Firefox for Windows 11

You’ll not face any compatibility issues while using Mozilla Firefox. Because the web browser is available for all the major platforms and it’s always available at your convenience. Its user-friendly interface allows you to perform certain tweaks to help you make the most out of your online experience.

Download Mozilla Firefox


In case you are concerned about your online privacy, the Tor browser can be of great help. It allows you to hide your original IP address and connects your device to a fake IP. Allowing you to visit websites of your choice without being bothered by local network authorities.

Tor for Windows 11

If you are considering getting Tor for Windows 11, do ensure that your internet connection is working properly. Because if you are using a poor internet connection, you may encounter a laggy experience. Else, this web browser works like a charm for users who never want to be monitored while browsing the internet.

Download Tor

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