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How to Save and Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously With Qoob


Do you want to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously? Qoob is the best option to do so. Instagram Privacy is not as strict as we experience on Snapchat but it is still enough in stories. It looks like Instagram Values Stories more than the posts. Because Instagram Stories have more privacy as compare to Instagram posts. Users can check who viewed their stories. Also, only the allowed persons can watch your insta stories. This is the one side of the picture.

Now the other side of the picture is that you can watch someone’s stories and save them anonymously. This is not something Instagram offers you and it never will. Tweaks and Tricks always move with the technology. Both are getting advanced in a parallel direction. A user just needs a perfect guider to make them able to use the tweak correctly and we are one of the guides.

Today, we will use a tool known as Qoob to save and watch Instagram Story Anonymously. First check, What is Qoob, and secondly, how to use Qoob for Instagram.


What is Qoob?

Qoob is the famous tool widely used to save and watch Instagram Stories anonymously without letting the other person know. That is now the only feature of Qoob, it owns so many under proprietorship.

View Private Instagram Stories of Your Friends

This is the key purpose of the Qoob, for what the Instagram users use this tool. Users can see Instagram stories anonymously of anyone. Either the account is public or private the Qoob is effective for both types.

Download Entire Instagram Accounts in Seconds

This feature is so underrated, maybe the users didn’t understand its true importance. I think it is one of a kind tool that lets you download the Instagram account of another person. Don’t worry Direct Messages are not included in it. No one can invade the DM privacy of any Instagram user. The data includes all Instagram Posts and All highlights (Permanent Stories).

Browse Instagram Feed Without Ads

That’s the third-best offer by the Qoob for Instagram users. Instagram is becoming one of the best E-Commerce Hubs and advertisements. Ads are good for Instagram owners and promoters but users don’t like ads much. So, if you Login Instagram through Qoob (Not recommended), you can scroll through Instagram News Feed with ads.

How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously with Qoob

Let’s come back to the main purpose of this tutorial. We are guiding users on how to watch Instagram Stories anonymously with Qoob App. Here is the procedure through which you watch and save Instagram Stories of Private/Public accounts without letting the holders know.

Step 1: Download and install Qoob on Computer.

First of all, users need to download Qoob for PC. Users can downlaod the Qoob Msi file from the official website Qoob.co.

Visit the official website and download Qoob 64Bit for Windows by clicking on the button.

Step 1: Run the file, allow the app to make changes to your computer.

Step 2: At the Wellcome Screen, Click on the Next Button.

Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Step 3: Accept the terms and conditions of the software by checking the Agree box and then click on the Next button.

Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Step 4:Assign the directory to Qoob through the Browse option. Users can also continue with the default location. Click on the Next button.

Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Step 5: Finally, users are ready to install Qoob for PC, click on the Install button and wait for the completion.

Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Login to Qoob

Step 1: Launch the application on your computer. At the home screen click on the Activate button.

Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Step 2: Log in to Instagram on Qoob with your username and password (at your own risk).

Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Step 3: Once you logged in on Instagram at Qoob, type the username of that person whose stories you want to watch anonymously.

Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

That’s who you watch someone’s story on Instagram anonymously, without getting in their notice. The Qoob will also give you the option of Downloading Stories. Click on the option to save Instagram stories on your computer.

Wait! don’t be so quick, the stories will not be on your computer right away. You have to hit subscribe button. Then, the Qoob will show you the magic.

Is the Qoob app safe to use?

If you are talking in a sense of malware, viruses, breaches, etc. Then a big Yes! This app is safe to use. But, we don’t support the sharing credentials or login to Instagram through an unauthorized platform. Apart from Facebook, Instagram only let users make an account through phone number and Mail. Qoob is not on the panel of Instagram.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes. We highly discourage the usage of any Tool if the purpose is invading someone’s privacy. Downloading someone’s data or watching their stuff without permission is a crime. So, please don’t use this tool for negative purposes.

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