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Fix: VPN Not Working on macOS Ventura

  • macOS Ventura is the latest operating system for Mac computers.
  • It is the 19th release from Apple, which comes with many changes in the OS.
  • I will discuss methods to fix the macOS Ventura VPN Not Working issue.
VPN Not Working on macOS Ventura

With macOS Ventura, many promises become reality. Especially the all-new releases of Safari make macOS more compatible with users, who browse the internet a lot.

With such developments, there come various responsibilities. For instance, many users who have updated to macOS Ventura, are unable to use a VPN. So I’ll be delivering fixes for that error.

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Keep Using VPN on macOS Ventura

Here are some instant ways to bypass VPN connectivity issues on macOS Ventura:

  • Restart Mac
  • Select a different VPN server
  • Move to UDP
  • Choose better network ports
  • Update VPN client
  • Reinstall VPN client
  • Try a different VPN

How Do I Fix VPN Not Working on macOS Ventura?

First of all, you need to restart your Mac computer, so if there are any system glitches, they are removed automatically. And if that doesn’t help, update the VPN client or reinstall it, to bypass any connectivity issues.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Update VPN Client

If you have recently updated to macOS Venture and started to face issues, while connected to a VPN, it usually means that your VPN client is facing compatibility issues.

In that case scenario, you should update your VPN client from the App Store. This would help you resolve any issues that are caused to the outdated version of the VPN.

Reinstall VPN Client

If updating the VPN doesn’t help you, there’s a chance that your client’s files are corrupted. Because they are not working properly with the macOS.

So it would be best if you uninstall the VPN client and download a fresh copy of it from its official source. Now, install the download VPN version, to bypass any compatibility issues.

Improve VPN Connection Speed on macOS Ventura

In case you are facing slow internet speed on a VPN connection, you should perform the following methods for a faster browsing experience:

Select a Different Server

Before making complicated customizations, simply change your proxy location on the VPN. You can also opt for the Quick connection, as this may help your VPN client to connect you with a suitable location.

Switch from TCP to UDP

If you are using OpenVPN servers, you should opt for the UDP protocols. As they tend to perform impressively, as compared to OpenVPN TCP protocols.

Customize Network Ports

If you are using a premium VPN, you will be allowed to choose network ports. My point here is that you should try other network ports, to get a faster browsing experience on macOS Ventura.

Use a Different VPN

A lot of good VPNs are available for internet users, most of which are available for macOS Ventura. So you try another VPN service, at least give a shot to their free trial, in which you won’t be charged a penny.

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