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Why VOI AI Avatar App not Working – How to Fix?


Quick Summary to solve VOI AI Avatar App not Working!

  •  Check connection 
  •  Restart App 
  •  Clear Cache 
  •  Try app older version 
  •  Update the app 
  •  Disable VPN 

The anime avatar is the new trend in social media, especially VOI AI Avatar and TikTok. Apps that create these animated avatars are the chartbusters of these months. They are literally trending on top in Android and iOS app stores. People are loving it and you know these trends are like fire in the jungle. One spark and the trend will catch fire everywhere.



While visiting TikTok and VOI AI Avatar I saw the model Demi Rose and Anime avatars and I found them extremely attractive. After some research on those apps that are working on the same idea, I found the VOI AI Avatar.

This app converts your original avatar into Anime, Game characters, and Manga figures. You will be amazed after looking at your Animated version. Literally, you will not believe your eyes

VOI AI Avatar App not Working

As these apps are trending there is a lot of traffic on these app’s servers nowadays. Everyone is trying it so, due to this much burden these apps are crashing. We saw a lot of complaints about Lensa and VOI AI apps. Like App not working, Unfortunately, Lensa has stopped, and the app is lagging and hanging issues.

Well, we always have some useful fixes in our solutions bucket and we are writing down the most effective ones from those. Try these solutions according to the sequence they are mentioned.

Let’s start with the basic solutions to fix the VOI AI Avatar Not Working error. As you move forward to solutions, the basic will become potential solutions.

Restart the App

First of all, clear the recent VOI AI Avatar tab from your smartphone recent tabs. Double press the home button or tap on the tabs icon at the home screen button layout. Clear the VOI AI Avatar tab or clear all tabs to refresh all apps including VOI AI Avatar.

Now launch the VOI AI Avatar App and check whether the app is working is fine or not.

Clear Cache

1. Open the Android Settings App on your phone.

2. Select the applications and then select VOI AI Avatar App.

3. Tap on the Storage option and then tap Clear Cache.

Check your internet connection

The best technique to check the Internet connection is Google Chrome and YouTube. Search anything on Chrome or play any video on YouTube. If it works fine it means the internet connection is working and only VOI AI Avatar App is messing. But, if other apps are also not working, there is a problem with your internet connection. Contact our iSP support and report your issue to them.

Reset App Settings

Reset the app settings and restore them to default/factory condition. The below screenshots will show you how to do it.

App permissions to access!

Check the app permission and see all necessary accesses must be enabled. Otherwise, the app can’t work properly on your device. This is the most common factor due to which people face VOI AI Avatar not Working error.

Update VOI AI Avatar App

App updates are the most important thing to do on time. No matter how much stable OS you are using, it will be useless without app updates.

Update your VOI AI Avatar from the Google Play Store.

Search the VOI AI Avatar App on Playstore it will appear with an update button if available.


Navigate to your Profile icon, select My Apps & Games. Update all apps including VOI AI Avatar.


It is just a checking tweak and it works most of the time so, don’t underestimate it. Uninstalling and reinstalling is like starting life again. When you uninstall software or app from any app, it will delete all the app data and files. By this trick, the corrupt files related to the app will also get deleted.

VOI AI Avatar is an account-based app all data is store on VOI AI Avatar servers. So uninstalling the VOI AI Avatar app will not delete any of your gallery data or internal app data.

  1. Uninstall VOI AI Avatar App.
  2. Clear the overall cache of smartphones.
  3. Clear the app caches.

Reinstall App and use it. It’s a 99% chance that this app is working fine. The rest of 1% is for the VOI AI Avatar Globally Down issue.

Enable/Disable VPN

Maybe your government has prohibited VOI AI Avatar and you don’t know about it. Search the news VOI AI Avatar Prohibited and open the local authentic new source. If you find this statement correct, it means you have to use VPN to use VOI AI Avatar from onwards. Use the US or UK location on VPN for better results.

If the app is directly accessible in your region, which means not prohibited! then there is no need for a VPN. If you are connected to the VPN then disable it. Sometimes the apps don’t like the company of VPN and they start to hang or lag. That’s why disable VPN connection and use it on normal WiFi or Mobile data.

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