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Can you View Previews From Both Cameras in BeReal?

  • BeReal is a social media app that’s available for Android and iOS platforms.
  • It focuses on allowing users to stay real, even when connected to people globally.
  • I will share the details on Can you View Previews From Both Cameras in BeReal?
View Previews From Both Cameras in BeReal

Social media users had enough of the charade, which most of the influencers are after. Because now users are expecting real-time clicks from their favorite celebrities.

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And that’s why BeReal is taking the internet out like a storm. It’s allowing influencers to share their real-time clicks publically or with their friends only.


However, to get real clicks, you also need to share your clicks. Yes, if you want to view snaps from other users, you also need to share your snaps with them.

But a good thing is that every user is only allowed to share one BeReal on a daily basis. And he should share it, before bieng late, so his audience can view the shared content in the expected time period.

Can I View Previews From Both Cameras in BeReal?

During the initial release of BeReal, Android users were allowed to view previews from both cameras. But now the latest version of the app doesn’t support this feature.

The developer’s team decided to keep iOS and Android users’ experiences the same. Because the iPhone users were never allowed to benefit from such a facility.

iPhone’s Camera API restrictions were the reason why iOS users were never allowed to take advantage of previews from both cameras. But Android users were the ones who never had to face this restriction.

Many of you might consider downgrading the BeReal app, to claim the same old facility. So allow me to tell you the bad news, “both camera previews are disabled from the server-side”.

It means that even if you manage to install the oldest version of the BeReal app, you wouldn’t get a chance to claim the facility of previewing both cameras.

FAQs: BeReal Camera Previews

Is there any way to preview both camera views on BeReal for iPhone?

To tell you the truth, iPhone users can’t implement any workarounds to preview both cameras. Because they are not even allowed to install the older version of the app.

Why iPhone doesn’t allow me to preview both cameras?

It’s mainly because of the Camera API restrictions. They don’t give full access to the third-party apps, and that’s why many social media users face trouble in using iPhone’s camera with social media apps.

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