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Best 2022 Video Editing Apps For iPhone – Record & Edit Videos


With every new iPhone model, a major upgrade to the camera sensors is seen. Nowadays iPhone cameras are very powerful and they can capture stunning photos and videos even in low light conditions.

In the past few years, the Camera of the iPhone has improved significantly. Currently, it can record footage in 4K resolution. Moreover, other than the camera hardware, the processor used in these iPhone models is also powerful.

iPhones are highly capable of handling 4K video recording and even perform extreme editing on videos for professional usage.


For Example, If you are a YouTuber, then you can easily record a video on your iPhone. Then you can use any video editing software on your device to give your video a proper shape.

What Apps Will You Find Here?

I have mentioned some of the top Video Editing Apps For iPhones, that are currently available on the Apple App Store. Every app mentioned here is unique and covers most of the video editing aspects.

I have tried to cover all types of video editing functions and features, but there is a chance that I may have left some unique apps that provide slightly different editing options.

In this case, you can inform us by commenting, the name of any video editing application that you want on the list. Our team will review the app, and if it is eligible, then we will add it to the list.

The following are the Video editing applications, that are selected by our team for the top 6 positions. Here you will find both free and paid apps, App overview, and its features. So keep reading and keep learning about some of the top Video Editing Apps For iPhone.

  1. LumaFusion
  2. Splice
  3. InShot Video Editor
  4. FilmoraGo
  5. Quik
  6. KineMaster Video Editor

Best 2022 Video Editing Apps For iPhone – Record & Edit Videos

The following variety of video editing applications is explained considering different types of video editing. Some people are focused on creating elegant videos, some people use a lot of filters and effects, and some are looking for pro-level editing options for creating a movie or a song video.

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If you are new to video editing and you don’t have any video editing experience. Even then, you can edit stunning videos for Tiktok, Instagram, Snack video, and others platforms. So, without taking any more of your time, let’s begin with the applications.


LumaFusion is one of the top-rated applications available on the Apple App Store. If we talk about video editing applications, then the features and functions available in the LumaFusion application are not available in any other video editing app on iPhone or iPad.

This application was selected as the App of the Year by Apple and was selected as the Best Enthusiastic Editing Software by Videomaker Magazine. In other words, we can say that LumaFusion is the top app for video editing, and that is why it is on the top of our list.

LumaFusion is the only app in the list that is fully paid and does not have a free version. However, if you purchase this app, it is worth every penny. This application is not only used by YouTubers, but most journalists and professional video makers also use this application for editing videos on the go.

Key Features Of LumaFusion

  • Use 6 videos and 6 audio tracks for editing proposes.
  • Enhanced magnetic timeline with additional functions.
  • Use preset transitions or create your own presets.
  • View a sample of your edit on an external monitor While editing.
  • Add markers or notes to your timeline.
  • Use your timeline as the center point to copy, paste, and cut data from one project to another project.
  • Thousands of layers effects, Green Screen, luma, Chrome keys, and many other effects.
  • Use an integrated video stabilizer or Load Stabilizer.
  • Color correction tools.
  • Create slow-motion, fast motion, Fast forward or rewind videos.
  • Smooth fast motion or slow motion with 120 or 240fps files.

Many more features and functions are available, so download the app and check them while you edit your video.

Video Editing Apps For iPhone


Splice is a popular video editing application for iPhones. The main reason behind the popularity of this application is that it can perfectly edit videos that are recorded by a GoPro. Moreover, GoPro is also the parent comment behind the creation of this amazing video editing application.

On this app, you can easily add videos & photos and edit them all together to create a movie or a music video. Easily add music into the background of the video you are editing or you can use the default sounds that are provided by the app.

Create a fully customized video with a professional touch with Splice on iPhone or iPad. Splice is a professional video editing software, imaging that you are using a powerful desktop video edit software on your iPhone. And it is fully optimized for better performance.

Moreover, with just a single tap you can perform many edits like Cut, Trim, Blur, Motion effects, and much more. You can also, overlay multiple videos clips to create a short movie. Also, share your edit with your friends and family or upload them to any social media platform.

Key Features Of Splice

  • This app can edit photos and videos simultaneously.
  • Cut, Trim, Crop or add Blur, Motion effects, and more with a single tap.
  • Refine your edits by adjusting Contrast, Saturation, Exposure, and more.
  • Use the speed ramping feature for adjusting the playback speed for fast-forward and slow-motion videos.
  • Overlay videos and photos to create amazing effects.
  • Use the Chroma Key feature to remove backgrounds.
  • Also, animate your video by using Ken Burn effects.
  • Easily select transitions type and transition period.
  • Add life to your photos by creating a slide show and by adding Pan/zoom effects.
  • Gain access to a huge catalog of free songs that can be used as a background song or music, More than 6000 songs are available.
  • Add songs from your iTunes library with just a single click.
  • Use the built-in voice recorder to create voice-over videos.
  • Share your videos on any social media platform.
  • Also, save the edited videos on your device gallery.

Video Editing Apps For iPhone

InShot Video Editor

InShot Video Editor is an easy-to-use tool for editing photos and videos. This tool contains all basic video editing tools and functions like Cut, Trim, Copy, past, Add, and many more.

Moreover, this application contains premium video and photo editing tools like Add music, Transitions, Emoji, Filters, Effects, and much more. And the best part of this app is that it does not apply a watermark on your photos or videos, that you have edited.

If you are looking for an application to edit videos and photos to publish on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Snack Video. Then InShot Video Editor is the perfect option for you.

This application fulfills all requirements and provides the user with a huge section of amazing tools. Use stock music from the app or upload files directly from your iTunes library, and apply the song or music to your videos.

This app contains a lot of sound effects, which can easily be added to the videos for dramatic, sad, and other effects. It also supports a voice overlay feature, and there is a huge collection of Stickers, Emojis, Filters, Transitions, Effects, color correction, and much more features and functions.

Key Features Of InShot Video Editor

  • Trim, Cut, Delete, Merge video.
  • Control the video speed, or use speed ramping.
  • Add exclusive music from the InShot gallery or your iPhone gallery.
  • Access tone of sound effects.
  • Add voice-over audio.
  • Sync music with video perfectly.
  • Add text and emoji on photos or videos.
  • Easily combine 2 videos with a smooth transition.
  • Use Layers, Chroma Key, and Green Screen to create amazing work like pros.

Video Editing Apps For iPhone


FilmoraGo is a popular video editing application that you can use to bring out the natural view of the video and to change the message of the video. This app is made-to-alter recordings and to make it look perfect by adding different filters effects and other edits.

The interface offered by this app is extremely clean is one of the best interfaces I have ever seen on any application. This is also a very easy-to-use application, and beginners can also edit photos and videos like a professional.

The stability and the performance of the application are unmatched and the app is fully optimized for iOS 15 which is the latest software offered by Apple for iPhones. This app also provides instant sharing options for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Moreover, FilmoraGo is the only iOS app that allows the user to edit videos with Double Take/Multi-Cam. This feature only works with iPhone XR and later models. You can also enable the AR camera for creating animoji and memoji.

Key Features Of FilmoraGo

  • Use the primary or secondary camera of your device to record video.
  • Royal-free music library for and free sound effects.
  • Gain access to a huge number of templates and create videos in an instant.
  • Adjust background and foreground brightness, contrast, temperature, vignette, saturation, and clarity.
  • Use Retouch to reshape your facial features like eyes, nose, cheeks, hairs, eyebrows, and others.

Video Editing Apps For iPhone


Quik is a video editing application, however, recently its name was changed to GoPro Quik. This app was developed by GoPro and if you own a GoPro and want to edit its recorded footage, then GoPro Quik is the best app for you to use.

With this app, you can perform small edits like merging videos and photos to create an amazing video of your memories. Or you can perform large edits like making a full music video with Raw files. This app also has the capability to automatically edit your photos and videos by using AI.

Moreover, this app provides easy offloading of video and photos captured by a GoPro. Also, it will organize all of the files in a good manner. So you can easily locate the file without any hassle and instantly start editing.

Perform quick edits to your video and make it look like a masterpiece. If you want to manually edit your photos and videos, then you will find all of the necessary tools to make your video look stunning.

Once you are done editing, you can share the edited video or photo to Facebook or YouTube. You also get the option to save the video on your device’s internal storage.

Key Features Of Quik

  • All of your edits are saved in a single location for easy accessibility.
  • Add photos or videos to Quik from anywhere like your phone, email, text messages, and other locations.
  • Automatically create a highlight video, all you have to do is to select the background or foreground music. Also, the video has to be selected by you.
  • Gain access to powerful editing tools.
  • There are many stylish themes, and premium filters just for you.
  • Use speed tools for controlling the video speed, or to add a fast-forward or rewind effect on the video.

GoPro Camera Features With Quik App

  • Easily control and manage the settings of your GoPro Camera.
  • Easily preview shots on a big screen and transfer data.
  • Start a live stream directly from your GoPro camera.
  • Free cloud storage for GoPro Subscribers.

KineMaster Video Editor

KineMaster is a full-fledged powerful tool, that is used for editing proposes. Create your own video from your imagination, show the world what you are capable to do. The thing you can imagine can be re-created with the help of amazing easy to use features and tools offered by KineMaster.

KineMaster on iPhone allows the user to take advantage of all the pro-level tools with full compatibility. The user will have enormous control over the tools, which will help in creating a fully detailed video without any hassle.

Key Features Of KineMaster Video Editor

  • Edit in multiple layers of video.
  • Add images, stickers, text, handwriting to layers.
  • Preform edits frame-by-frame just for perfection.
    • Trimming, splicing, and slicing.
  • Support All iOS versions
  • Instant preview anytime while performing edits.
  • Hue, brightness, and saturation controls are easily accessible.
  • Speed control for video clips, fast forward, or rewind.
  • Add Transition effects like 3D transitions, wipes, fades, and much more.
  • A variety of themes, animations, visual and audio effects.
  • All video formats are supported.
  • Automatically optimize an unsupported video.

Video Editing Apps For iPhone

This is all regarding the Best 2022 Video Editing Apps For iPhone. If you want us to include any app that you want to suggest, then leave the name of the app in the comment section below. Moreover, you can also ask questions relating to this topic, iOS, and iPad OS. Thank You for your time, and keep supporting ItsDailyTech.

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