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[2022 Fix] Valorant Invalid Access to Memory Location

  • Valorant is a free FPS game offered by Riot Games for Windows PC.
  • The game offers an exclusive amount of gameplay in which players get to compete with others in 30 to 40 minutes of matches.
  • But certainly, there have been complaints about Valorant Invalid Access to Memory Location, so I will deliver some fixes to this issue.

Valorant Invalid Access to Memory Location

Many Valorant users have started to encounter the “Invalid Access to Memory Location” error during the game launch. No official development is done regarding this problem, but users have the option of performing various solutions for their sake.

But before performing any workarounds, ensure that your device has a RAM of 6GB or more. This action might be helpful in fixing this issue and also help you enjoy smooth gameplay without any errors.


How Do I Fix Valorant Invalid Access to Memory Location?

It would be best to consider all the possible scenarios to help us fix the Valorant Invalid Access to Memory Location error. Players need to ensure that their system is not blocking any game resources and the right amount of memory access is provided. Anyhow, I have added solutions that players can perform to get rid of this Valorant error on PC.

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Close Unwanted Apps

According to most Redditors, closing the background apps can help players bypass this “Invalid Access to Memory Location” issue. So you also need to ensure that all the unwanted processes are closed from the background, so nothing interrupts your gameplay.

  • Right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager
  • Go to the Processes tab.
  • Select an unwanted app and click on the End Task button.Invalid Access to Memory Location in Valorant
  • Now, relaunch Valorant on your PC.

Update Graphics Drivers

Always keep the graphics drivers updated to the latest build, so you can avoid the situations where you have the bear the consequences of incompatibility. Especially, while playing games on PC, ensure that the graphics drivers are never outdated.

  • Press Win + X keys and select Device Manager from the context menu.
  • Expand the Display Adapters tab.
  • Right-click on your GPU device and select Update DriverUpdate Graphics Drivers
  • Next up, select the “Search automatically for drivers” option.
  • Once the drivers are updated, reboot your PC.

Visit: How to Update Drivers on Windows PC

Update Windows OS

It’s also recommended to keep your Windows OS updated to the latest batch. So your system can execute high-end games without bothering you.

  • Press Win + I keys simultaneously.
  • Go to the Windows Update tab.
  • Click on the Check for Updates button.Update Windows OS
  • After bieng notified about the pending updates, allow your system to download & install the required files.

Disable VPN

Ensure that you have disabled VPN services, before launching Valorant. Because the proxy servers can intercept the game’s resources while it’s trying to connect you with the nearest server.

So if you are using any VPN service, to change your current location in Valorant, do disable it and then try executing the game. This action will also help you in connecting to the game’s servers instantly.

Re-install Valorant

Players can also re-install Valorant on their PC, to fix the file corruptions caused due to faulty third-party applications or malware. And for better results, also re-install the Riot Client on their computer.

  • Launch Windows OS Settings.
  • Navigate to the Apps tab.
  • From the right-pane, uninstall Valorant as well as Riot Client.
  • Now, download & install the fresh copy of Valorant (it’ll automatically install the Riot Client).

Contact Support

As a last resort, you can contact the customer support center, where you can file a complaint about the Invalid Access to Memory Location in Valorant.Valorant customer support

After visiting the Valorant customer support, select the type of query and submit a request, so that the developers can contact you as soon as possible.

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