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Valorant All Agents Details Like Real Name, Ages, Races, Nationality, & More [2022]


Valorant is a first-person shooter game where players have to compete with other players to attain victory. In this game either you get the role of planting the Spike or you have to be the one who will defuse it. It reminds me of the Call of Duty Search & Destroy mode.

Valorant All Agents

Valorant game has many popular characters which people love so much individually. In this game, players play one of the many characters who have their own personality, power, Age, Race, Nationality, and most importantly a cool name.

Valorant All Agents’ Details

Learn about all of the Agent Details in Valorant like Name, Age, Race, Nationality, & More from this guide.

Agent NameReal NameAgeRaceNationality
AstraEfia Danso25-30RadiantGhana
BreachErik Torsten35-45HumanSweden
BrimstoneLiam Byrne45-50HumanUSA
ChamberVincent Fabron25-30HumanFrance
CypherAmir El Amari35-40HumanMoroccan
JettJoon Hee20-25RadiantSouth Korea
KilljoyKlara Böhringer20-25HumanGermany
NeonTala Nicole Dimaapi Valdez19RadiantPhilippines
PhoenixGrant Galloway25-30RadiantThe United Kingdom
SageLing Ying Wei25-30RadiantChina
SkyeKirra Foster25-30RadiantAustralia
SovaAlexander Sasha Novikov30-35HumanRussia
RazeTayane Alves20-25HumanBrazil
ViperSabine Callas30-35HumanUSA
YoruRyo Kiritani25-30RadiantJapan
Table credit goes to the Progameguides.com

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