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Useful iPhone Widgets That You Should Try – 2022 Top 15


Adding Widgets to the home screen of your device can increase productivity and work done. Here I am going to tell you about some of the top and mouse useful iPhone Widgets That You Should Try on your device. These widgets will provide all of the essential information relating to the app. Moreover, the information on the widgets will get instant updates, so you can never miss anything important.

Top Useful iPhone Widgets That You Will Find In Here

Key Topics Explained Here

How do Widgets work?
Do Widgets Drain Battery?
Useful iPhone Widgets That You Should Try – 2022 Top 15

But how will you find which app widgets are best for you and which widgets you should use? Don’t think that much, I have always got you covered. Here I have added some of the best and the top iPhone widgets. And also have explained them thoroughly, so you don’t have any problem in understanding their functions and features. So I recommend that you should read this article first to learn about the widgets and then try them on your iPhone for an optimal experience.


How do Widgets work?

With the help of widgets, you don’t have to jump into the app and update their data to find the latest email or anything else. You just have to swipe to the widget page (where you have set the widget) and all of the information will be in front of you on the home screen of your device.

Do Widgets Drain Battery?

A Widget is a shortcut of the app that shows some of the features or functions of the app. These widgets refresh themselves quite often to keep the data updated on the Widget. The auto-refresh function of a widget can not be modified by the user. And due to this function, the Widgets do consume some battery life. However, if you are using a lot of widgets to retrieve data instantly, then you will see a slight difference in the battery life.

Useful iPhone Widgets That You Should Try – 2022 Top 15?

I have added a variety of widgets below depending on the different needs of the user. From Photos to Notes, or Music to Data Consumptions, I have added all of the different Stock and third-party widgets below. So, without taking any more of your time here are the most Useful iPhone Widgets That You Should Try or should have on your iPhone.

Launcher: (Free & In-App Purchases)

The Launcher widget is specially designed for iOS 14 and iOS 15. This widget comes with many free features and functions, however, with a small purchase you can unlock a huge amount of functions. Launcher is an all-in-one widget with which your make Calls, Send messages, FaceTime, Directions, location, Access Websites, Run Shortcuts, and much more. Moreover, if your device is not updated to iOS 14 or later versions, then with this widget you can still perform more than 10 tasks.

Key Free Feature

  • Customize icons and the background of the home screen.
  • Use transparent home screen widgets.
  • Shortcut Launcher – Utilize the shortcut app completely.
  • Special launcher for Apple Watch.
  • Create custom launchers.

Useful iPhone Widgets That You Should Try

Photo Widget: Simple: (Free)

Photo Widget: Simple is an amazing widget for viewing featured photos. You can easily create a custom photo album with unlimited photos and also set interval time for the photo to change. Many people love the stock Photos App widget but it selects the features photo automatically from the phone’s gallery. However, the user has the option to remove the photo, but it can get annoying especially when you don’t want that image to appear on the home screen.

Key Features

  • Custom app icons and backgrounds.
  • Theme store.
  • Available widgets
    • Photo Widget
    • Countdown Widget
    • Horoscope Widget
    • Battery Widget
    • Calander Widget
    • Time Widget
    • To-do list Widget
    • & Text Widget

Useful iPhone Widgets That You Should Try

Smart Stack: (Pre-Installed)

Smart Stack is one of the top pre-installed widgets on an iPhone and iPad. This widget can perform a lot of functions that you will love. The Smart Stack widget can show information depending on your device usage. This widget will learn your daily routine and provide information relating to your daily routine.

For Example, After your office hours you walk toward the bus stop while listening to music, the Smart Stack widget will show you your complete playlist at the perfect time, so you don’t have to search for songs that you want to play.

This widget also contains widgets of other stock applications like Photos, Music, Reminder, Weather, Calander, and even Siri Suggestions are also available. Moreover, the user can easily scroll through the widget directly from the home screen and can find information is a glance.

Apollo for Reddit: (Free & Paid Version)

Apollo for Reddit is a popular application in the Apple App Store and is considered the best Reddit app of all time. Currently, this app is in the top 20 list of News sections on the Apple App Store. With Apollo for Reddit, the user can easily navigate the entire Reddit platform with powerful features. Here you will find features like Jump Bar, Customizable gestures, Powerful Media Viewer, browsing Reddit, and many other features.

Key Features

  • Easily hop between subreddits.
  • Dark Mode.
  • Powerful gestures.
  • 3D Touch Supported.
  • Change the Widget size and ratio.

Useful iPhone Widgets That You Should Try

ScreenKit: (Free & In-App Purchase)

ScreenKit is a popular application and it is currently rated as the top 6th app in the Graphics and Design section on the Apple App Store. ScreenKit is not just a widget application, it contains a lot of customizations that you can use to completely change the view of the home screen. This app is fully compatible with iOS 14 and later versions.

Key Features

  • 5000 plus custom icon designs.
  • 500 plus custom themes.
  • Access a huge amount of widgets.
  • Custom icon maker.
  • Apple all customization in one click.
  • Superfast and free app.

Battery: (Pre-Installed)

The Battery built-in widget on iPhone is very popular for its simple design and amazing functionality. This widget can show the battery life of your device and even the battery life of your headphones that are connected via Bluetooth. As this widget comes pre-installed on your device, you can easily try it without any hassle and without paying a single penny.

Useful iPhone Widgets That You Should Try

Spark Mail: (Free)

If you are looking for the best email widget then Spark Mail is the best option for you. This app can easily clear your inbox and sort every email into different sections. So you can easily find important emails in front of you every time you access the widget or open the app. Moreover, if you are using any email-related client, then you will also love this application.

Key Features

  • All new emails are smartly categorized in the following sections.
    • Personal
    • Notifications
    • and Newsletters.
  • Invite your colleagues to discuss an Email or personal stuff.
  • Create Emails with your teammates.
  • Schedule Emails.
  • Snooze Emails.
  • Search for emails easily.
  • Instant notifications for important emails.
  • Built-in calendar.
  • Add signature instantly before sending an email and much more.

Color Widgets: (Free & Paid Version)

If you want to fully customize the home screen according to your likings then the Color Widget app is best for you. This app allows the user to completely customize the home screen, Change home screen icons, Add amazing background images, and access a huge collection of widgets. This app contains a lot of amazing designs for the home screen and the user can also create custom widgets.

This app is free to use, however you can also get your hand on the paid version. If you decide to go Pro with the Color Widget app, then you will get three days of the free trial. After then you can pay 1.99$ per month or 19.88 per year.

Key Features

  • Huge collection of icon packs.
  • Access a variety of themes.
  • All types of widgets are available.
  • Users can create custom widgets according to their needs.
  • Go Pro or get the free app.

Useful iPhone Widgets That You Should Try

Google News: (Free)

With the Google News application and widget, you can keep a keen on watch happening around the world. Or you can also keep an eye on specific types of news feeds. You can always keep yourself updated with just a single glance on the home screen of your iPhone. Moreover, the Google News Widget is also fully compatible with iPhones Today View. So the Google News widget is automatically added to the iPhones Today View.

Now you just have to swipe from left to right on the lock screen or from the first page of the home screen to access the iPhones Today View. With this widget in the iPhones Today view, you can easily view it with other important notifications.

Useful iPhone Widgets That You Should Try

Sticky Notes Widget: (Free)

From the name of the widget, you can clearly understand the functionality of the widget. The Sticky Notes Widget is a great addition to the iPhone’s home screen. With this widget, you can easily save important information in a form of a note. Just tap on the Sticky Notes Widget and start writing, the written text will appear on the widget. This widget also comes in handy, when a person is looking for a pen or pencil just to write an important note.

Shazam: (Free & In-App Purchase)

If you are a music lover and love to listen to music then a small Shazam widget addition to the home screen is perfect for you. The function of Shazam is very simple, it listens to the music playing in the background and identifies it. Moreover, it also provides you direct access to the song on YouTube and other video or audio streaming services. This widget is very helpful and I always use it whenever I like any song or tune.

Useful iPhone Widgets That You Should Try

Copied Touch: (Paid)

The Copied Touch Widget performs a very unique task and it is very helpful for you if you are a person who copies and paste a lot of stuff. This widget saves all of the stuff that you have copied. It allows you to save multiple copies of the sites that you have copied and to reuse them when needed. Moreover, this widget also added the possibility to save notes that you have copied, without needing to paste them somewhere. This widget is very addictive and once you get the hang of this widget, you will never stop using it.

ESPN: (Free & In-App Purchases)

This widget is for sports fans, get the ESPN widget and gain access to all of the latest sports-related information on the device’s home screen. Easily keep track of your favorite teams and all of the matches they are going to perform. Access live score on the home screen on your device while you are working and can’t leave the office or a meeting. Moreover, you can also gain access to the live Sports match if it is streaming on any ESPN Channels.

Useful iPhone Widgets That You Should Try

DataMan – Data Usage Widget: (Paid)

DataMan – Data Usage Widget is a lifesaver when it comes to data consumption when you are on a limited data plan. Well, there are a lot of Data tracking apps and widgets on the Apple App Store. However, the DataMan app and widget stand out in functionality and usability. The interface is very easy to understand and all of the information is provided in a good manner. The DataMan app sends custom notifications to notify the user of their data usage and remaining data plan. So, the user will always know the amount of remaining data and the expiration date of the data plan.

Useful iPhone Widgets That You Should Try

Headspace: (Free & Paid Version)

Useful iPhone Widget Headspace

Useful iPhone Widgets That You Should Try

This article was regarding the Top 15 Useful iPhone Widgets That You Should Try. If you want us to include any app that you suggest, then leave the name of the app in the comment section below. Moreover, you can also ask questions relating to this topic, iOS, and iPad OS. Thank You for your time, and keep supporting ItsDailyTech.

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