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How to Use Truth Social App Outside US [ Windows, Android, iPhone, Mac ]


People who have a fresh memory of the recent US election may remember the Parler App. You can say Truth Social is the new Parler. This is such a unique social platform that you may never heard of before.

On this social platform, only one person will share the opinion and other people can comment on it, that’s it! Do you know who that one person is? None other than the controversial Bae Donald Trump.

Use Truth Social App Outside US


Yes! this specific social platform is developed specifically for his self claimed non-royal highness. Here, he will interact with these followers.

As Donal Trump’s Twitter got banned and all famous social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, he need another source.

Obviously, he can’t live without giving at least a controversial statement every day. He can’t sleep if he didn’t become part of the News. I Guess Truth Social Platform will be a good deal for the home.

Latest Update on Truth Social

Truth social app is facing difficulties in getting approved and accepted by official app stores. Here are some of the authentic news by the most authentic sources on the Internet.

Trump’s Truth Social was barred from the Google Play store over content moderation concerns.

Source: CNBC

Trump’s plaything Truth Social is reportedly about to collapse. Why am I not surprised?

Source: The Guardian

Truth Social Android app not approved on Google Play Store

Source: Reuters

Importance Notice:  If any user failed to get Truth Social on Google Play Store! Try the Truth Social APK from the trustworthy Apk providers like uptodown.com or Apkpure.com 

How to use Truth Social App Outside US

As we already punched information above “Truth Social is in the US only”. If we want to use TruthSocial Outside US, Obviously we need to do something about it.

Maybe we can use Truth Social outside the USA?

Are you wondering what we are trying to say? We are saying you may be outside the US but your smartphone will virtually remain in the US. Through this, You can use Truth Social anywhere in the world.

We need an authentic VPN app that can connect our device with the US Location. You have a bundle of options in the VPNs that are good in services and performance. We are continuing ProtonVPN to use Truth Social Outside America.

Step1: Download ProtonVPN

You need to download ProtonVPN on Windows PC or Android/iOS smartphone. As my preference is my Laptop so I am going to download ProtonVPN (i am already using it) on a PC.

Visit Here to Download ProtonVPN.

Step 2: Select US

Sign up with your Mail account on Proton VPN for account activation.

Use Truth Social App Outside US

After account registration, you will see a list of servers from the left pane. Look for the United State or the US from the list. Under the country name, you will have hundreds of servers, choose anyone.

Once the connection gets established you can open and use Truth Social Outside US.

Only a few servers are available for free in Proton VPN. If someone has more servers with high-speed unblocking, ProtonVPN paid services are a must-have.

That’s how users can use Truth Social App Outside the US. The only iOS app is available, the Android version of Truth Social is on the way.

“Our goal is, I think we’re going to hit it, I think by the end of March we’re going to be fully operational at least within the United States,”

_Devin Nunes

Restriction on the Truth Social!

There are 2 restrictions on the Truth Social App. One only people in the US Will be able to use the Social Truth app. Secondly, people outside the US can’t even access the website, content is apart.

If we travel back to the past, we saw the same thing in the Parler app but that was only geo-restricted in posting stuff outside of the US. In Truth Social, the app is completely dedicated to the people inside the united states only.

Even if Trump is on a foreign tour he can’t use Truth Social without the trick we are going to the write-down below.

Ending Words

We choose ProtonVPN to use Truth Social Outside of the US. Because it is one of only a few VPN apps that are premium but keeping a few servers of each country for free.

If Someone wants to use a proper and high-end VPN service then we highly recommend Nord. Users will literally get more than 500 US Servers on Nordvpn.

Through NordVPN, anyone can use Truth Social App Outside US.

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