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How To Use Low Data Mode in Netflix On iPhone


Do you have low internet data and still want to stream content of Netflix. Use Low Data Mode in Netflix on iPhone and stream your favorite content without burning a lot of internet data. This feature will make sure that you don’t burn all of your internet data while streaming Netflix content in UHD quality. Moreover, the Low Power Mode in Netflix is a built-in feature, which is designed to consume fewer internet data.

Video Quality On Netflix

This feature works by decreasing the streaming video quality. If you stream videos of high quality, then a lot of internet data will be consumed. Moreover, the streaming quality also varies depending on your subscription plan. The standard Netflix subscriptions will allow you to stream at HD quality (1080p) and the basic Netflix subscription is limited to 480p. Moreover, users can also get a subscription to 4K video streaming on Netflix.


Data Consumption While Streaming On Netflix

Most people love to stream Netflix content while they are traveling. However, when we are traveling we have limited mobile data because there is no free WiFi service. And streaming on Netflix consumes a lot of data. Here is a round figure of data consumption while streaming video on Netflix.

  • One Hour Video playback in HD quality on Netflix consumes 3Gb Mobile data.
  • One Hour Video playback in 4K quality on Netflix consumes 7Gb Mobile data.

The data consumption is a lot for an average user. A survey conducted in 2020 reviled that an average person consumes 4.5GB of cellular data in a month. Therefore, you can Use Low Data Mode in Netflix on iPhone to reduce internet usage. And allowing the user to stream for a long time.

Use Low Data Mode in Netflix on iPhone

Complete Netflix Data Usage On Every Available Setting

The mentioned figures represent data usage in one hour per device. There are four data consumptions settings for cellular data which are mentioned below.

Low: Basic Video Quality (480p) – 0.3 GB Data consumption.

Medium: Standard Video Quality (1080p) – 0.7 GB Data Consumption.

High: Best Video Quality (720p -4k)

  • Standard: up to 1 GB
  • HD: up to 3 GB.
  • Ultra HD (4K): up to 7 Gb.

Auto: Provides the best video quality depending on your internet connection speed.

Maximum Data & Low Power Mode

If you select the Maximum Data option for streaming Netflix content, then there will be a lot of internet data consumption. This option will select the highest possible streaming quality for the movie or seasoned you are watching. You can consume 1GB or more data in just 20 minutes.

Moreover, if you Use Low Data Mode in Netflix on iPhone or Android, you can save a lot of internet data. Streaming on Low Power mode will consume 1 GB of internet data for 6 hours of continuous streaming on Netflix.

How To Use Low Data Mode in Netflix on iPhone

To Use the Low Data Mode in Netflix on iPhone, you have to make sure that your Netflix app is updated to the latest version. If you have the old version on Netflix, then you won’t find the necessary settings.

  • Launch the Netflix app on your iPhone.

Use Low Data Mode in Netflix

  • Select your profile and enter the Home screen.
  • From here, tap on the Profile icon located at the top right corner of the screen to access the App Menu.
  • Under Manage Profile Section, select the App Settings option.

Use Low Data Mode in Netflix

  • Under the Video playback Section, tap on the Mobile Data Usage option.
  • By default, the Mobile Data Usage is set to automatic.
  • Disable the Automatic toggle by tapping on it.

Use Low Data Mode in Netflix

  • Now select the Save Data option.
    • A blue tick will appear on the right side of the Save Data option.

Use Low Data Mode in Netflix

This is all you have to do if you want to Use Low Data Mode in Netflix. Moreover, from now on if you stream content on Netflix while using mobile data. You will notice that the video quality is lower than normal video streaming.

This article was all regarding the method to Use Low Data Mode in Netflix on iPhone. If you have questions, ask in the comment section below. Thank You for your time, and keep supporting ItsDailyTech.

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