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How Can We Upgrade Our PC to Windows 11: Complete Guide


What you need to do to Upgrade Your PC to Windows 11. After a wait of 6 years, finally, Microsoft is replacing the “0” with “1”. Microsoft is going to release Windows 11 in the next month. The 6 years government of Windows 10 in the computer world is about to end. No one has imagined this twist in the legacy of Windows. Because, in 2015 in announcing of Windows 10, the company stated that “this will be the last version of Windows”, this version will get updated in the future.

Upgrade Your PC to Windows 11

In the recent month, there were no rumors about Windows 11. But, one day the Microsoft Windows 11 first looks were leaked before its release. It has taken the world by storm. Every computer/laptop/Desktop user is waiting for Windows 11.


This tutorial is about Windows 11. What are Win11 requirements, when will it release and how to check system compatibility for Windows 11. So, we are demonstrating this complete Windows 11 everything you need to know article to answer such questions.

System Requirements to Upgrade Your PC to Windows 11

Many users are asking what will be the system requirements to install Windows 11 on it. Till now, we collected some information about the Windows 11 from rumours, tech experts and tech blogs. There is a minor doubt in the following requirements authenticity.

  • Graphics card: DirectX 12 compatible graphics with WDDM 2.x
  • Trusted Platform Module: Version 2.0
  • Processor: 1Ghz or faster with minimum 2 cores
  • Firmware: Secure Boot enabled UEFI
  • System architecture: 64-bit Display: 720p (1280×720 px) with a screen size of minimum 9-inch
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage: 64 GB

These all requirements seems easier to be fulfilled except the two of these. Boot 2.0 and secure booth, these 2 are the bit hard because they put the users in limitations. Both are kept as essentials because these ensures the system security. Will help you to keep your data from scammers and spammers

PC Health is important to run Windows 11 on it!

Alongside the Windows 11 Microsoft is also launching a tool for checking PC health. This tool will briefly examine your PC health to check the capability of running Windows 11 or not. So, if you want to check your PC health for Windows 11, download this tool.

Download PC Health Checker

Download the tool and install it on your Windows 10 Computer.

Upgrade Your PC to Windows 11

After the installation a home screen will appear with the button “Check Now” at the header. Click on that button.

Now the tools will give you the result in seconds. Either you will see a popup “This PC can’t run Windows 11” with the details like “This processor is not Supported for Windows 11” like shown in screenshot below. Or, you will be see the good news “This PC can run Windows 11”.

Upgrade Your PC to Windows 11

Look’s like we need to upgrade our authors system now! Anyways! for your information, here is the list of processors that support the Windows 11. Visit the Microsoft pages to check your PC processors falls in the category on Windows 11 or not.

Intel processors supported by Windows 11.
AMD processors supported by Windows 11.
Qualcomm processors supported by Windows 11.

How to Know your PC Processor

Not all people know what processors their computer have. They also know about RAM, Storage, Core, Generation or Graphic card. We are talking about all of you!

Upgrade Your PC to Windows 11

If anyone of you don’t know about your PC Processor, you are not alone. I also used the “Speccy” tool to find out the PC processor. Install this tool on your Windows computer and Know your Processor.

What to do if our PC Doesn’t Meet the Hardware Requirements?

There is no need to worry about if your PC doesn’t doesn’t meet the requirements of Windows 11. Users can still use the Windows 10 will all regular updates for future. There is no need to change the PC hardware in near future. But, you have to change it before 2025. After the half third decade of 21st century, Windows 10 will retire and lost in the pages of history.

Hardware requirements for Windows 11

The below image will show you the hardware requirements of Windows 11. This image is taken from Windows 11 official source. So, the information given in the picture is 100% authentic.

Upgrade Your PC to Windows 11

Final Words!

Microsoft is giving a major invention and innovation right after 6 years. Obviosuly this will be blast in operation system world. The most popular computer OS legacy arruse again in the new form. All Windows Laptop/Desktop computer users should try the Windows 11 when it arrives. It is a technological product so, “New one the better one”. This was all you need to know for running Windows 11 on your computer.

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