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How To Update Drivers in Windows 11 [2021 Guide]


It’s always recommended to keep your Windows OS and drivers up-to-date. The easiest way of getting this job done is by enabling the Automatic Updates in Windows 11. But in case, you encounter a hardware or peripheral device error, you are destined to update the drivers manually. So here, I’ll describe How To Update Drivers in Windows 11. To help you stay updated while enjoying a lag-free experience.

How Do I Update Drivers in Windows 11?

There are two main ways to Update Drivers in Windows 11. Both ways work fine for users who want their OS to stay up to date. Likewise, some actions need to be performed depending upon your installed hardware. I’ll discuss all of them, so you don’t run into any complications.


Updating Drivers via Windows Update Settings

You may not be aware of the fact that optional OS and drivers updates are available for every user’s convenience. They are available to satisfy various needs of PC owners. And, you are allowed to download & install their files directly from the settings app.

  • Press Windows + I keys to open Windows 11 Settings
  • Go to the Update & Security section
  • Click on the View Optional Updates link
  • Expand the Driver Updates tab
  • Select your preferred drivers by checking their checkboxes
  • After making desired selections, click on Download and Install

Updating Windows 11 Drivers via Device Manager

Device Manager shows you a list of your hardware and peripheral devices connected to your computer. It also helps you recognize the list of drivers, so you can customize them depending upon your needs. From here, you can manually and automatically update the system drivers instantly.

Automatic Search

  • Press Windows + X keys to run the start button context menu
  • Select Device Manager from the appearing list of utilities
  • Right-click on your desired installed device and select Update Driver
  • On the next window, click on Search Automatically for DriversUpdate Drivers in Windows 11
  • If you are notified about a pending update, allow your computer to install it.

Manual Uploading

  • Double-click on the installed hardware or peripheral, and select Properties
  • Navigate to the Driver tab and note the installed driver’s version
  • After noting the installed version, visit your manufacturer’s website i.e: Intel, AMD, Nvidia, etc
  • Now download the latest version of the driver
  • Once you have downloaded your desired version, right-click on that specific driver inside the Device Manager and select Update Driver
  • From the appearing options, select Browse my computer for drivers
  • Click on the Browse button to select the file directory
  • To confirm your action, click on the Next button and wait
  • You’ll be notified once the selected drivers are installed.

Example: Update Graphics Driver in Windows 11

  • From the main interface of Device Manager, expand the Display Adapters tab
  • Right-click on your graphical device and select Update DriversUpdate Graphics Driver in Windows 11
  • Recommended for Intel Devices: Select Search Automatically for drivers
  • Recommended for Nvidia & AMD Devices: Click on Browse my computer for drivers

Here’s a list of official sources to get the latest versions of graphics drivers on Windows 11 depending upon your device’s manufacturers.

Update All Drivers in Windows 11

In case you are not interested in getting into the hassle of updating drivers individually and wish to update all drivers in Windows 11, here’s what you need to do.

  • Download IObit Driver Booster (LINK)
  • Install the software by following the onscreen prompts
  • Once the software is completely installed, launch it
  • From its home interface, click on the Scan buttonUpdate All Drivers in Windows 11
  • After getting the scan results, allow IObit to update the outdated drivers as well as install the missing ones.

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