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How to Fix Unfortunately Spotify Has Stopped Working Error on Android


Spotify Not Working! is a common app issue which both Android and iOS users face sometimes. One of the most being used music Streaming Networks of the 21st century. There are very few chances of errors in Spotify. This app is backed by top developers and they ensure the smoothness and stability of Spotify Apps on Android and iOS.

“Technology can never be Errorless”

Spotify not working is a common issue which users have to face not frequently but sometimes. There can be multiple causes or a single cause behind this issue. Phone hang, network connection error, app not update, or much more.


Unfortunately Spotify Has Stopped Working Error

So, today we are writing down the possible solutions to fix Spotify, not working issues. Don’t mess with the sequence of solutions written below. Follow them one by one because they are ranked potentially. You don’t need to factory reset your phone for such an issue which can be fixed by a simple reboot.

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Clear Recent Tabs and Reboot App

This is the universal solution is any hardware or software solution commonly known as “OFF and On”. You have to apply this solution to fix Spotify’s not working issue in 2021. To reboot the app, follow the steps below.

  1. Double press your phone home button or, press the recent tabs option on-screen buttons.
  2. Tap on the “Close all tabs option”. Must clear the Spotify tab, if you opened the app recently.

After clearing all tabs. Launch the App again and check the app. There is a strong chance that the app will work fine this time.

Check your Internet Connection

Maybe there is a small exclamation icon with the WiFi icon on your phone and you are not noticing it. Or, maybe there is a problem with the internet on your ISP end.

Google Chrome is the best tool to check your internet connection working or not. Open Google Chrome type any query or visit any URL. If Chrome loads the page successfully it means there is no problem with your internet connection. But, if Chrome fails then you need to restart the router. Afterward, if the issue is still there, register a complaint to your ISPs.

Check App Update

Are you bad at timing? Maybe your device got the latest Spotify Version update and you skipped that. App updates are important they contain fixes to bugs, glitches, etc. If you ddon’t update Spotify timely, surely you will face the Spotify not working issue.

  1. Open Google Play App on your Phone.
  2. Search Spotify App, if it appears with the Update button, it means the update is pending.
  3. Quickly update the app and then use the latest version of Spotify without any issue.

Users can check all pending Updates from Google Play. Tap on your profile icon. Select the My Apps & Games and check the list of all pending updates. Give your phone some time to update those applications.

Clear Cache or Clear All Data.

Android users already know what caches can do with the application. Cache not just affects the App functionality but also slows down the entire operating system. So, its an essential part of Android OS that App caches must cleared timely.

You should clear app caches twice a weak on Android.

To clear Spotify App cache on Android follow this sequence.

Settings> Apps/Application Manager > Tap on Spotify > Select Storage > Clear Cache.

If clear Cache doesn’t fix issue than Clear All Data of Spotify.

Settings > Apps/Application Manager > Tap on Spotify > Select Storage > Clear All Data.

Reset Phone Settings

Reset Settings is also an effective solution to fix Spotify Not working issue. In this procedue, you restore the mobile settings to the default. Don’t worry it will not delete any of your personal files or data. Only the settings will be back to the initial postion.

  1. Open Settings on your phone.
  2. Tap on Search and type the “Reset” and go for it.
  3. Select the Reset System Settings only and again do same on next screen.

After the settings reset, the settings from user end will be erased. Now check hopefully, Android 11 Noti­fi­ca­tions Not Working issue will be fixed.

Uninstall and Reinstall

That’s is similar to rebooting the app but after the complete deletion. This trick work most of the times and fix the app issues successfully.

  • Tap and hold on Spotify app in your Android App Drawer.
  • Tap on the Unintall button and confirm the action when prompts.

Again install the app, Sign-in with your ID and check either the app working or not. There is a massive chance that this treatment fix the Spotify not Working issue.

Conclusion – Spotify Not Working!

This is the final thing that any Spotify user can try. Users who are facing Spotify not working issues need to contact Spotify support. Describe the error to them and see what they say about that. Maybe someone reported your Account, or, your account is temporarily banned due to violations. There are alot of possibilities in such a case.

Users also can make a new account, if there is not much important stuff on their previous account. But, we know this was not the option you go for.

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