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How to Track Location of Someone’s Instagram Account [2022]


We are enlisting the possible ways to track location of Somone’s Instagram Account. It is not possible by default but we brought a couple of tricks to check the location of someone through their Instagram account.

Instagram’s security and privacy is much better than Facebook even when it became a social tycoon. Once Facebook acquired it they kept improving it especially after the Zuckerberg faced the allegation of illegal data selling in front of American senates.

Now Meta inc, has improved a lot of privacy on its social platforms. As seems to be they learned from their mistakes. Your data and personal information is protected more than ever before on Social giant.


Location and address are something very very personal and no one has the right to breach it others. Unless, if someone willingly shows their location to their fans and followers etc, you are good to go.

Privacy Conscious people prefer VPN connections nowadays. For every person who has a vast knowledge of internet tips, tricks and tweaks its easy for him/her to track another user’s IP address.

There are multiple ways through which users can track the location of another user on Instagram.

How to Track Location of Someone’s Instagram Account

Here are the possible ways through which you can track the Location of Someone’s Instagram Account. We try to bring the official and stock settings procedures but you know it’s not possible here. Tracking the location of someone is illegal if you are unauthorized.

Location Tags & Hashtags

Track Location of Someone’s Instagram Account

People frequently update statuses, stories, and posts on Instagram. They also share their location with followers and friends. Maybe they don’t find it unnecessary or harmful but it can be sometimes.

If you want to track someone’s location or IP address on Instagram then you need to visit their post. Check every post by chance is there any post on which they mentioned their location.

If you find found one then it’s your lucky day. You may find their IP address through their location.

Grabify IP Logger

Track Location of Someone’s Instagram Account

Grabify is actually one of the most frequently used IP loggers that allows one to locate the location of a social media user. It allows one to trick other Instagram or any social media user into giving his/her by visiting the sent link.

i. Visit Grabify on your web browser and copy the link to any website of your choice.

ii. Now paste the copied link with Grabify and click on Create URL.

iii. Copy the generated link and direct message a user, whose location you want to know.

iv. The moment that the user visits the sent link, Grabify will notify you about his/her location.

Instagram IP Finder


It’s a good chance that you will track the location of someone’s Instagram account through Instagram IP Finder. Because, if you found the IP address, it’s easy for you to get the location.

If you want to identify the list of free and premium tools to complete this task, click here to visit our guide. We are not giving a guarantee that it will surely help you, but it seems like this tool can!


As we said this article “How to Track Location of Someone’s Instagram Account” for information and on our viewer’s demand we wrote it. But, we are highly against these cheap tricks. Privacy branching is a serious crime and you may have to suffer legal consequences.

As a writer, I personally recommend staying away from such tricks. An IP address is the personal information of every user and we should respect it.

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