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5 Things You Should Never Share on Facebook, Instagram and Others


There are many things you should never share on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. You may find this statement against your freedom but there is a strong logic behind these words. We are telling you different topics, media, and details that you shouldn’t share on social media with brief explanations on each.

No one can deny the power of social media and its benefits. They have a massive role in the development of the world through easy communication and easy access. But, things are not always as they seem. Some people prefer social media as fake life. Now all followers and friends have good intentions for you maybe they hate you and you didn’t even know about that.

5th Things You Should Never Share on Facebook

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You have to care about some things that are not made for sharing. A person, memories with it, moments with family, location, personal information, and future plans. These are few examples that can create a mess if post them. As we said that you don’t know many persons on it maybe their heart is filled with hate for you.

Anything That Clarify Where You Live?

People who have a habit of posting their home photos from outside or neighborhood. Well, it can clear your enemy type social friend where you live. He or she can guess from the location where the exact home is. And, if he has gone through that location it can make him/her more clear about your location. Never ever upload or share such details that can let other guesses where are you now?

Things You Should Never Share on Facebook

If you love to share your home photos outside then consider these things. There shouldn’t be a house number plate visible in pictures. Avoid the neighborhood home in the frame. Don’t mention the name of the area while uploading it on Facebook, Instagram, or others.

Another thing which we want to mention here. There are few cases that are reported in the USA. Where people posted a picture of keys to their new home. Later the scammers made the duplicate keys using the pictures of them and robbed their house. So you should never make such mistakes.

Medical Info etc and COVID Vaccine Cards

The new trend of this era. Thanks to the medical staff of different countries finally got the COVID Vaccine. Atleast we can say the first step to finish the most deadly disease in the history of humanity. The government of different states already started the vaccination procedure the sequence is older to younger. In such times some older and youngsters are showing their immaturity by showing their COVID Vaccine cards.

Read the article of Newyork Times, they had also tweeted about this;

Atleast, they should check what is written on their COVID Vaccination cards, it contains the personal information and medical info of them. For example, there is the date of both and address written on the card. When they upload the picture of the card, obviously people will gonna see the address. In that way, all people on your account will know where you are living, anyone can come for you. So, please don’t breach your own privacy. It’s one of the things you should never share on Facebook.

Revealing Selfies and Photos

Always check the background of photos, videos, and selfies before posting them on Facebook. Most people are careless while taking selfies and uploading them.

For example, we have seen many photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram, etc where there is something private in the background. Like a locker, safe, key racks, something precious, art crafts, paintings, and much more. Never ever share a post in which you have revealed that you have Cash or jewelry etc.

Another type of picture where degrees and certificates are showing in the backgrounds. If you took that picture from a high-end smartphone or DSLR then anyone can clearly see the details by zooming in. So, be careful while posting pictures on social media its one of the things you should never share on Facebook.

Vacation and Travel Plans

What you are planning and what you’re going to do in the future that’s only your concern. There is no need to share any plan or prediction in the near future. You should only post such stuff if you need some suggestions from an expert community.

What you should not share is you are going on vacations, either national or international because there is a chance that some other person will also make that plan for you.

Things You Should Never Share on Facebook

Don ever ignores the fact which we are trying to say. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other networks also empower you to tag your posts with physical locations. Even if you haven’t announced that you’re going away, posting about “spending the next week in the Downtown” in a city, state, or country that’s miles from home is unwise.

Content that could get you fired

Well, there are various other topics you shouldn’t post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. A post that symbolizes controversial topics like Racism, Nudity, Scam, False information, Wrong Medical Guidance, Wrong allegations, etc. These things can get you in big trouble, especially if your company or boss watched your such post, termination letter will arrive at home itself.

You have an example of Kevin Hart, who lost the Oscars hosting opportunity because his old post related to Racism went viral right before the ceremony. Even he has apologized for the statements in the past.

Embarrassing photos that were taken on the weekend or a long time ago may cause an employer to question why they hired you, but you can at least review and approve any photo tags made by other people.

Conclusion – Use social media for spreading

Every product and service can be used in either a positive way or a negative one. You must use that service or thing for a Positive purpose. Social media importance is unavoidable. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are the sources of connecting people.

Never became the loss of reputation of other of or yourselves. There is no need to share your personal stuff on social media. Stop involving the other persons in your personal life more than a limit. Share these things You Should Never Share on Facebook with your friends and family to spread information. Make social media better for you and others.

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