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The Last of Us Part 1 Safe Code Combination Locations [2022]

  • The Last of Us Part 1 is an action-adventure game published by Sony Interactive entertainment.
  • The game’s yet available for PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows.
  • I will provide the list of The Last of Us Part 1 Safe Code Combination Locations.

With a remake of The Last of Us, players are founding the gameplay quite indulging. Because developers from Naughty Dog has added some great features to the game, making it one of the most favored survival game.

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As to survive in a crucial world, players are required to discover certain items. One of the main items is the safes, which allow users to make forward to their next subject.


The problem with that safes is that you also have to find the right code combinations to open them. Else, you will be stuck in completing a single operation.

All The Last of Us Part 1 Safe Code Combination Locations

There are four safes in The Last of Us Part 1. All of these safes are in different locations and have different codes. So in this section of my post, I will be talking about all the kinds of safes, their locations, and combinations.

Before proceeding, allow me to tell you one fact you just have to go for the location of the safe. Because the code combination can always be found near the safe. So the main struggle is to find the location of a safe.

The Outskirts Subway Safe

Once you have completed your task of fighting infected and clickers in the slanted skyscraper, Joel, Tess, and Ellie will drop through the broken debris to a ruined subway. After sneaking into an underground area with shops and clickers stalking about.

The Safe and its code can be found from here, but you will have to grab the code and safe, before leaving the place. This safe has a huge quantity of parts that are important for weapons upgrading.

The Outskirts Subway Safe
Source: Naughty Dog

Safe Code Location: It can be found on the left side of the area. You have to go to the store and look for the drawer, within the cash counter. In it, you will find “Note to Derek”.

Code: 03 – 43 – 78

Safe Location: The safe is also available within the store, it can be found on the opposite side. You will see an infected sleeping beside it. So first, kill the infected and then input the code.

Bill’s Town Safe

Another safe is available in Bill’s Town. The Bill’s Town is located next to an old pickup, and its safe contains weapons to help you complete your journey safely and sound.

But remember, the tools available in this safe are very important, as they would allow you to kill the clickers and infected with ease.

Bill’s Town Safe
Source: Naughty Dog

Safe Code Location: After entering the gate, take a hard left and head to the high street downhill. Go straight to the barricade blocking the road and it will have “Note To Bob”, which contains the code to the safe.

Code: 05 – 17 – 21

Safe Location: It’s also available on the high street, you should go back and on the left side, look for a pickup truck. This truck will have a safe inside it.

Pittsburgh Hotel Safe

It’s a little tricky to find the safe code in the Pittsburgh hotel. You can easily find the safe, but the code is hidden at a dead end, where you wouldn’t dare to go.

After finding a palette for Ellie, to let her float her way to life, you will enter the hotel in Pittsburg. Though, the safe is very important, because it contains manuals to help you survive.

Pittsburgh Hotel Safe
Source: Naughty Dog

Safe Code Location: You need to pick up the ladder from the hotel’s lobby and go to the back wall, towards the ruined staircase. After climbing your way up, take a hard right and walk on the thin broken floor, until you reach the other side. And, from there, open the suitcase with “Note to Staff”.

Code: 22 – 10 – 56

Safe Location: Go back to the hotel’s reception desk and go into the right-sided room. The safe is located in the small coat-check room.

Suburb House Safe

After escaping from the sewers with Henry and Sam, you will start walking through the suburbs to check out the safe house. Do not go too far, as then it will be hard for you to reload the sniper.

Suburb House Safe
Source: Naughty Dog

Safe Code Location: You can find the code and safe in the house, next to the blue ice cream truck. Keep going until you reach the attic den. From there, look out for the Matchbook collectible that’ll be on your left, it has the code combination for you.

Code: 08 – 21 – 36

Safe Location: After collecting the Matchbook, go down the floor and into the master bedroom. You will find the safe on your right in the closet of the room

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