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Fix: The Ascent Co-Op Multiplayer Not Working [2021 Guide]


The Ascent, a cyberpunk-themed RPG platform that’s available for Windows PC and Xbox. The game’s preferred by players because of its Co-Op mode, where gamers get to join with players from around the globe. Somehow, many players are unable to facilitate themselves with such a facility. So here, I’ve decided to deliver workarounds to Fix The Ascent Co-Op Multiplayer Not Working. If you are troubled by this issue, keep reading the rest of this guide.

How Do I Fix The Ascent Co-Op Multiplayer Not Working?

There can be more than one solution to fix The Ascent Multiplayer Not Working issue. So I’ve listed all the possible solutions required to bypass The Ascent Co-Op Not Working bug. Players are requested to implement the drafted solutions to fix the perspective error.


Restart The Ascent

One of the easiest way to Fix The Ascent Co-Op Multiplayer Not Working issue is to restart the game. Because sometimes the game’s services stops working. And after a successful restart, they are alive-n-kicking. The errors are fixed automatically and players are not required to implement any fixes manually.

Restart Windows PC/Xbox

It is possible that your devices i.e: PC or Xbox isn’t responding well with the game’s services. So before having to perform any lengthy tweaks, you should restart the device on which you are enjoying The Ascent. After restarting the device, launch the game and check if it resolves the error.

Inspect Game Updates

If there’s a pending game update, you should instantly install it. Most updates are only delivered to help players bypass critical errors. So in case of The Ascent Co-Op Multiplayer Not Working issue, you should do the same. Search on the web, whether if there’s an update available or not. And if there is, install it to solve the issue.

Prefer Xbox Console

Most players have faced The Ascent Multiplayer Not Working issue on PC. So if you are playing the game on your computer, try shifting to an Xbox (only if your own one). Lots of Xbox owners haven’t faced this error, because it rarely arrises on game consoles.

Update Steam

If you are playing The Ascent on Steam, you should consider updating the game engine. May be the outdated Steam services are causing the trouble and you are unable to enjoy the game with your buddies.

There are two ways of updating Steam. You can properly relaunch it and if there’s pending update available, allow it to update automatically.

But in case Steam isn’t updating by itself, you can uninstall it by navigating to Settings >> Apps & Features. Then selecting Steam and clicking on the Uninstall button.

The Ascent Co-Op Multiplayer Not Working

Once Steam is successfully uninstalled from your computer, get its latest version from a trusted source. Thereafter, install it manually by following the onscreen instructions.

Reinstall The Ascent

Still no luck in fixing The Ascent Co-Op Not Working bug? If so, you may need to reinstall the game. Do uninstall the game properly from your device and then reinstall it. After you have completed its installation process, launch it to examine if it resolves the problem.

I’m asking you to perform this tweak, because most of the times the game’s files get corrupted, and only gets fixed after reinstallation.

Join Manually

Rather than sending invitations to your in-game buddies, try adding them manually. It may seem odd, but this trick is quite beneficial in cases when you are unable to enjoy the multiplayer mode in The Ascent. Try enjoying your co-op gameplay by implying this trick, until you get an official update.

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