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Fix: System Overload in Logic Pro X [2022]


Several methods can be implied to fix System Overload in Logic Pro X. The error is triggered from within the digital audio workstation.

Mac users can customize I/O buffer size, bounce tracks, change the sample rate of the way, or freeze their tracks.

And if the issue persists, users should consider decreasing the number of plugins. So that system overload is bypassed from the Logic Pro X.


Long story short, individuals should focus on decreasing the number of resources consumed by Logic Pro X, so their system can stay compatible with the application’s resources.

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How Do I Fix System Overload in Logic Pro X?

Here are some methods to help you bypass the System Overload issue in Logic Pro X. All of the fixes need to be implied within the application’s interface.

Total Time: 4 minutes

Customize I/O Buffer Size

1. While Logic Pro X is launched, click on the Logic Pro button placed beside the Apple icon.

2. Select Preferences and navigate to the Audio section.

System Overload in Logic Pro X
3. From the I/O Buffer Size menu, select the “1024” rate.

4. Apply the changes.

Bounce Tracks

1. Right-click on a track and select Bounce and Join >> Bounce in Place.

2. From the Bounce Regions in Place menu, name your track and click Ok.

3. The bounce track will start appearing beneath the selected track.

Tweak Sample Track

1. Click on the down arrow icon from the Control bar and select Custom.

2. Click on the same arrow icon from the Control bar and choose Customize Control Bar and Display.

3. Select the Sample Rate or Punch Locators checkbox.

4. Afterward, choose a sample rate from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz.

Freeze tracks

1. Long-press the Option + t keys from your Mac keyboard.

2. Select the Freeze option.

System Overload in Logic Pro X
3. Hit the Snowflake icon, placed on your track.

4. Wait until the selected track is frozen.

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