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How To Fix Spotify Stops Playing Tracks On iPhone & iPad


Spotify is a leading music streaming app that is available for everyone. This is a pretty reliable app, but sometimes Spotify Stops Playing Tracks On iPhone. Or maybe some other issue occurs with the app. These issues mostly occur due to some bugs in the app or on iOS/iPad OS. Here I have provided some DIY solutions for fixing issues with Spotify. However, our main focus will be on Spotify Stops Playing Tracks on iOS or iPad OS.

Spotify Stops Playing Tracks On iPhone

Fix Spotify Stops Playing Tracks On iPhone & iPad

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The methods provided below will allow you to fix the issues found on Spotify. Moreover, if you are facing the same issue with Spotify on other platforms, then you should also check out these guides.

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How Cain I Fix Issues On Spotify?

Easily fix all of the errors found on Spotify, especially, if Spotify has stopped playing tracks on your device.

Reinstall The Spotify App On Device

Deleting and reinstalling the Spotify app is said to be the last resort. However, issues on Spotify have increased and are appearing on all platforms where Spotify is available. The Spotify DEV Team is continuously working to resolve issues on the app by it will take some time to clear.

However, if you delete the Spotify app from your iPhone, then you will be losing all of your playlists that have not been synced from your iPhone. But, if you use Spotify from a PC. then after reinstalling, all of the playlists will return in an instant.

Force Quit The Spotify App

Force quitting the app will completely shut down the app and no background activity of the app will perform. After that, when you open the app, it will start a new session. Most probably, the issues should be resolved. Here is how you can force quit apps on your iPhone.

Spotify Stops Playing Tracks On iPhone

If you have an iPhone with a home button, then double press the home button to open the App Switcher, here find the Spotify app, and swipe up on the app, this will force quit the app. Moreover, if you are using iPhone without a home button. Then swipe up from the bottom center of the screen, till almost the center of the screen to open the App Switcher. Now swipe up on the Spotify app to close it.

Restart Your iPhone Or iPad

If there is a bug on iOS or iPad OS, that is causing the Spotify Stops Playing Tracks On iPhone or iPad. Then restarting the device will resolve the issue. Moreover, small bugs on the Spotify app will also be removed with this method. The mentioned link will guide you with all of the methods to Restart an iPhone (every model).

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Check WiFi & Mobile Data Settings

If you have a connection problem or if your device does not have any network, then you may face issues with the Spotify app, as you have to save items for offline playbacks. Moreover, Apple’s recent updates have also affected the connectivity of Spotify with the device. So it is suggested that you should try switching to Cellular data or WiFi completely. The app will stop playing music, but you can press the play button to continue listening to music.

Close Background Running Apps

If a lot of apps are running in the background, then there is a chance that the Spotify app is not receiving all the resources, that it requires. So, if you are facing a similar issue, close all of the apps from the App Switcher and then try playing music on Spotify. The method to open App Switcher and close apps are explained above in the Force Quit Fix.

Spotify Stops Playing Tracks On iPhone

Logout and Login To The App

As Spotify is facing a lot of issues on different platforms. Some of these issues are due to Server lagging and failure with regular updates. There is a huge chance, that you might be facing any issue with the Spotify Server. To resolve this type of issue you have to log out and re-login to Spotify. Now check if the Spotify Stops Playing Tracks On iPhone issue is resolved or not.

Customize Corresponding Settings

The following settings should be checked for resolving the errors found on Spotify. This is a very rare incident to happen on Spotify but still, some users have faced this issue on Spotify. This error mostly occurs with the quality of share and sync. So you should check the figures of the following option on Spotify.

  1. Change Sync
  2. Crossfade
  3. Gapless
  4. Quality Settings

This article was all regarding the method to Fix Spotify Stops Playing Tracks On iPhone & iPad. If you have any questions relating to this topic or relating to iOS or iPad OS, then ask in the comment section below. Thank You for your time, and keep supporting ItsDailyTech.

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