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Fix: Sonic Frontiers Blurry Screen Issue


Sonic Frontiers come with fascinating visual graphics, that may be hard for some devices to handle. And the issue with the graphical interface is usually encountered by PC users.

It’s mainly because of the default graphical settings of the game, thankfully which are customizable. So players don’t need to focus on making any changes to the OS or game files but only focus on making their game’s graphic’s compatible with the system.

And if a player is facing such issues on his game console, he should just focus on changing the graphics settings to medium. Whereas, PC users need to customize more than one setting to bypass this issue.


How Do I Fix Sonic Frontiers Blurry Screen Issue?

Changing the display resolution and disabling the blurry effect, can be quite resourceful. Just in case that doesn’t work, keep checking for the latest game updates.

Total Time: 3 minutes

Change Resolution

The default resolution is set to 200p, and your job is to decrease it so that your computer can launch the game with proper resolution.

1. Launch the in-game settings.

2. Navigate to Graphics.

3. Change the graphical resolution from 200p to 1200 x 80

4. Launch the game and check for error resolutions.

Turn Off Blur Effect

Players can also disable the Blur Effect, to resolve this issue. As it would help them make Sonic Frontiers free of any blur effects.

1. Navigate to the in-game settings.

2. Select the Graphics tab.

3. Turn off the Blur effect.

4. Relaunch the game.

Check for Updates

It is a possibility that players are facing this issue because of a glitch in the game. In that case, they should focus on waiting for a while, until a new update is available.

So they should keep checking for game updates. As soon as an update is available, they should allow the launcher to install the pending updates.

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