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How to Tell If Someone Took Screenshot of Your TikTok Post


Someone Took a Screenshot of Your TikTok Post! Want to know who it is? This tutorial will teach you to catch the imposter. But, let’s begin with TikTok itself first.

Whoever thought that there will be a platform that will be able to compete with Facebook and Instagram. After many years the TikTok was the only one that was ready to become the best social platform and it really did. You may not know but TikTok is the most downloaded app on the App Store of all time.

TikTok is all about sharing videos, short videos, vines, promos, and advertisements, etc. It is available in all states including China. TikTok became famous when the app merged with the previous video dubbing viral sensation Musical.ly. Looks like the Bytedance (Creator of TikTok) just made the best decision of their entire business career.


Who is behind the screenshot?

Facebook, Instagram, and now TikTok, no doubt these are the best social hubs in the world but at some points, Snapchat leads from them, they have the best privacy measures ever. Till now, I know that Snapchat is the only platform that tells you if someone screenshotted your post. As per the TikTok Concern, the developers are still not able to give the feature that will tell you if someone took a screenshot of your Tiktok post.

If Someone Screenshotted Your TikTok Post – Is it possible to Know?

Be realistic, it’s not good for people of age like you to live in imagination and magic. If you are expecting a “Yes” for this question then sorry for breaking expectations. TikTok never tells you if someone takes a screenshot of your content. Other people who are allowed to see your videos can take a screenshot and as well as screen record your videos. Even if you turned off the Save option Video option on your TikTok post, the other user can still screen record the videos.

How to avoid screenshots?

It is really simple to avoid the screenshots on TikTok! Don’t add the unknown persons. Only add your trusted friends and family members who will never take screenshots of your content without your permission. But, this is not a solution. All people want to get famous and gain more followers on TikTok.

Well, it’s your choice either you go for fame or go for personal privacy in this virtual world. If you don’ know how to keep your TikTok account private, here are the steps to do so,

1. Launch a TikTok app on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Tiktok screenshots

2. Tap on the Me option to open your Profile.

Screenshot of your TikTok

3. Tap on the three-dotted menu icon and go to the Privacy and safety option.

Screenshot of your TikTok

4. Enable the Private Account by sliding the button.

Screenshot of your TikTok

5. Now your TikTok account is successfully private.

Here you will see other options also related to privacy you can edit any or all of these.

Disable Download option on Your TikTok Posts:

Once you enabled this feature, no one can directly download your photos and videos even they are friends of you. It is so simple to disable the download option from your TikTok posts.

Go to Me > Settings > Privacy and Safety > Allow Download > Disable.

Under the privacy and safety section, you can find many options too. Here are all options related to privacy and Safety on TikTok which you can change on your TikTok account.

TikTok Privacy:

Who can post comments?


  • Everyone
    • All people can comment on your Posts
  • Friends
    • Only Friends are allowed to comment on your post
  • Off
    • No one can comment on your post

Who can Stich with your Videos?

  • Everyone
    • All people can stitch to your videos.
  • Friends
    • Only friends are allowed to stitch with your videos.
  • Off
    • No one can stitch with your TikTok Videos.

Who Can Duet with you?

Screenshot of your TikTok Posts

  • Everyone
    • Everyone can make a duet video with you, your video will be played in a joint collage with videos of other users.
  • Friends
    • Only your added friends can make a duet video with your video.
  • Off
    • No one can make a duet video with your video.

Who can Send you Messages?

  • Everyone
    • All people can send messages to you on your TikTok inbox.
  • Friends
    • Only Friends will be able to send messages to you.
  • Off
    • No one can send you a message

Allow your Videos to be Downloaded?

Screenshot of your TikTok Posts

  • On
    • Anyone from friends can directly download your TikTok posts.
  • Off
    • No one can directly download your TikTok posts.

Who can view your liked Videos?

  • Only me
    • Through this option, no one can see which videos you liked. Only you can check what videos you liked on TikTok from the activity log.
  • Everyone
    • All of your friends can see which video you have liked.

Comment Filters

  • Filter Spam and Offensive comments
    • This feature lets you remove all those comments automatically which contains abusive or offensive words.
  • Filter keywords

    • Add those words which you don’t want to see on your post comments. TikTok will automatically remove such comments from your post.

Conclusion – Block!

If the nail is not fixing then change the nail not the hammer.

Screenshot of your TikTok Posts blank
Here you can see all those profiles which are blocked by you on TikTok. They will not be able to see your single comment on other posts once you blocked them. Even they will not be able to send you a message after this.

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