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How to Know if Someone is Chatting with You and Someone Else at Same Time on WhatsApp


There are no specific methods to find the answer to this question, to be honest! But as per my personal experience and observation of the past 6,7 years, I observed some symptoms. Later I come to know that I was right.

WhatsApp tells you if the person is on another call but the app doesn’t notify you if a person is on another chat. So, we are sorry to say the answer is a Big No!

You can only rely on personal assessment, guess, observation and experience to derive the answer of this question.


Someone is Chatting with You and Someone Else at Same Time on WhatsApp

Here are some symptoms that will ensure that someone is chatting with you and someone else at the same time on WhatsApp.

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Online! But Late Replies

The biggest symptom to tell if someone is chatting with more than 1 person at the same time is a late reply even online.

You can see the status of the person either online, offline, or last seen. If you notice the person is online continuously but still replying to you late there is a strong chance that he or she is talking to someone else too.

Online But Late and Short Replies

Second best way to tell if someone is chatting with someone else on WhatsApp. Short replies are one of the most annoying things on WhatsApp and many of us surely hate this. And, if the short reply is also late then it annoys us multiply by 10.

You are clearly watching that the person is online continuously. He is giving you a late reply and short ones too. Like K, OK, Hm, No, Yes, etc, there can be 2 possibilities. Either his or her concentration is not on you secondly he or she chatting with someone else.

Call the person by “mistake!”

This was the trick that I was personally applying to my Ex. Every time when I have a doubt that she is talking with someone else on WhatsApp! I simply call her on WhatsApp if the call status was ringing then my doubt gotten clear that she is not on call with another person.

But many times I saw the status that X is on another call. It makes me clear that she is already busy with someone else.

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