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Snaptube: An All-in-One Video Downloader for All


Online video platforms can generally be categorized into two different types: general video streaming platforms and social media platforms.

These two platforms offer the most video content to be enjoyed by people from all around the globe.

Different platforms generally have loyal and distinct user groups as well, depending on the demographics and region, which often makes switching from one platform to another a little bit difficult.


Oftentimes many of us would find ourselves immersed in streaming online videos and movies or scrolling through enjoying social media content for hours without a hint of time.

If you have somehow discovered this article, there is a huge chance that this might as well relate to you! From time to time we would encounter funny videos that we found on social media platforms, worthy to be shared with friends and family online, but you would only like to share the raw video file to be played without the need of loading into the social media platform.

In this case, you would need an online downloader like Snaptube, which allows users to download online videos from almost everywhere for free!

As we will thoroughly discuss Snaptube throughout this article, make sure you do not skip any part of it to avoid missing any potentially important information!


┬áSnaptube’s Features:

Snaptube is equipped with tons of high-end features which makes it one of the few top online downloaders that you can find on the internet.

Here are some of the many features of Snaptube:

100% free to use:

Snaptube was designed with the primary goal of helping people with all of their downloading needs.

Snaptube is always committed to providing a 100% free-of-charge downloading service and will never require any payments from users.

Protect users’ privacy:

Snaptube highly values users’ privacy and will never share its data with any third parties.

Snaptube will never keep any of your downloading histories so any actions performed on Snaptube will be completely anonymous.

Unlimited usage:

Snaptube will not restrict any of its users’ downloads, meaning users are free to download as many videos as they wish every day.

How to use Snaptube on Android:

Downloading has certainly become easier since the introduction of Snaptube. Here are the two methods that you can follow to perform Snaptube APK download and download media from Snaptube:

Total Time: 3 minutes

Download and Install Snaptube:

You would need to have the Snaptube app downloaded and installed first. To download Snaptube, you would need to visit Snaptube’s official website by clicking on the link here. Since the downloaded file will be in .apk, please ensure that the APK is properly installed and all the required permissions are given.

Find the videos you wish to download:

Visit your favorite video platform and look for the videos you wish to download.

Copy the link of the video:

Copy the link to the video to be downloaded.

Paste the link:

After the link is copied, paste the link onto the search bar on the top of the page on Snaptube.

Choose the format and resolution:

Snaptube will take a while to process the link and the video, after successful processing, click Download. Snaptube will provide the available resolutions and formats to be downloaded, pick your desired options and click Download again.

Accessing downloaded files:

Downloaded videos can be played directly on your Android device’s gallery. You can also access them on Snaptube or through the Download folder on your device’s storage files.

Method 2: Snaptube Browser Method:

Download Snaptube:

This step will be the same as discussed in Method 1 above.

Use Snaptube as a browser:

The search bar on the top of the page on Snaptube can be used in the same way as a browser. Visit your desired websites to look for videos to be downloaded.

Generally, a download button will be featured around the video.

Click the button to download, and the remaining steps will be similar to Step 5 and Step 6 of the previous method.


Downloading has certainly been made easier with Snaptube. You can save any videos from almost anywhere on the internet easily for free with Snaptube with just an URL.

Now that you have successfully completed the article, we hope you can continue to pay it forward by sharing this article with your friends and family so that even more people will be able to benefit from this article and will be able to download videos easily for free from the internet!

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