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How to Share Nerdle Results on Facebook, Twitter, or Manually

  • Nerdle is a free-to-play web-based mathematical puzzle game.
  • It’s offered by Richard Mann, who created this Wordle alternative out of craze for the famous word puzzle game.
  • Readers can acknowledge the right way to Share Nerdle Results on Facebook, Twitter, or Manually, with the help of this post.

Share Nerdle Results

While Wordle helps users enhance their English Vocabulary, Nerdle is provided to let players increase their thinking abilities. It’s a little difficult to solve math-based puzzles, but it is good, especially for kids and even grown-ups, who are now so dependent on electronic devices, even for making simple calculations.

However, there’s no fun in playing a fun game like this alone. Even if it’s only in singular mode, some players prefer to share their Nerdle results on social media apps. So here, I have written the procedure required to share the Nerdle scores.


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How Do I Share Nerdle Results?

Users are allowed to share their Nerdle results from a device of their choice. They can implement simple procedures to complete such a task, without having to follow any complications. Because there’s no restriction from sharing progress results from Nerdle.

Share Nerdle Results on PC

A good thing about Nerdle is that it allows one to share the results on a website of his choice. He can either select his preffered platform or choose to share the links manually. Here’s the straightforward procedure to complete this task.

  • From the main interface of Nerdle, click on the Share button.
  • Click on the preffered social platform icon or click on “copy to clipboard”Share Nerdle Results on PC
  • If you click on the social media’s available icon, you will be led straight to it. But if you click on the copy button, the link will be copied and you will have to post it manually.

I’m using Facebook to help you understand the procedure to share Nerdle results manually on PC.

  • Visit Facebook and click on the “What’s on your mind” box.Share Nerdle Results on Facebook
  • Now paste the copied link and click on the Post button.

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Share Nerdle Results on Apps

If you are playing Nerdle on your smartphone (Android or iOS), you have the option of sharing results directly to your preffered social portals.

  • Launch a web browser and visit the Nerdle website on it.
  • Complete the daily puzzle and tap on the Share icon.Share Nerdle Results on Twitter
  • Choose your preffered application (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc)
  • Once the Nerdle is automatically pasted on the selected platform, tap on the Share/Send button.Share Nerdle Results on Apps

Share Nerdle Results Manually (Mobile)

Nerdle doesn’t provide any restrictions for individuals willing to share their game progress with others. Players can manually copy the link representing their game progress, to be shared with others.

  • After making a score on Nerdle, tap on the Share button.
  • From the given options to share the results, select the “Copy” option.Share Nerdle Results Manually
  • Now visit the preffered application and simply upload the copied link.
  • Tap on the Share button and you are good to go.Share Nerdle Results Manually on Mobile
  • Do remember to visit the shared content, as it is shared in a way you wanted or not.

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What are Nerdle Black, Purple, and Green Colors?

The phenomenon behind Nerdle is quite similar to Wordle. It also consists of three different colors that help users understand the daily equation. They are only provided to help individuals create the unique Nerdle equation of the current date. Here’s a simple explanation of Nerdle colors.Nerdle Colors

Green – The green color indicates that the entered numerical values are correct and are a part of today’s nerdle.

Purple – It means that you are using the right values but putting them in the wrong boxes. So it’s the game’s way of telling us to shuffle the values and put them in the right spot.

Black – The black color specifies a simple rule, you are using the wrong value or symbol, that’s not present in today’s Nerdle.

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