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How to Fix “This server’s content is unavailable on iOS” on Discord [2022]


Most of the iPhone users are complaining about the “This server’s content is unavailable on iOS” Discord issue.

If someone asks you the biggest communication, streaming, and sharing platforms for gamers? Just Confidently named Discord.

When the platform was under development PC gaming was emerging and growing with hyper speed. Developers of Discord chose the right market.


But later the Discord users definitely used it for other purposes. Some works that Discord is not made for.

Yes! we are talking about NSFW content in form of images, videos, links, and Zip formats most commonly.

As the usage of the platform depends on the users. So, we can’t blame the developers.

They can only take care of legal matters like removing the copyright content and banning the account holders involved in illegal matters.

Discord has managed some privacy and security pretty well. Especially they take care of iPhone users and their device security as the iPhone manufacturers are.

Android users can easily open all types of files on Discord through stock programs and third Party Apps as well.

This is not an issue or error at all, it is just a lack of knowledge among iPhone users. Because this is just a feature on Discord for iOS.

You can fix the issue by just killing a switch in Discord Settings. We are writing down the procedure to do it.

How to Fix “This server’s content is unavailable on iOS” on Discord

The procedure is a bit different as compared to Off/On age filters in another app. Actually, the users need to turn On “Allow Access to age-restricted servers”. But you can’t do it in iOS, you have to use the Discord Desktop version on macOS or Windows in order to do it.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Allow access to age-restricted servers on iOS

1. First of all, you need to make sure that you have Discord for Desktop latest version on your Windows or Mac PC. If you didn’t have it yet! download from Discord.com.

2. After downloading Discord sign-in to discord. Keep in mind that you have to use same Discord Account on Desktop that you are using on iPhone.

3. After the above necessities, open the Discord Settings on Discord by clicking on Gear icon.

Fix “This server’s content is unavailable on iOS” on Discord4. On the left sidebar, you’ll see multiple settings like “My Account”, “User Profile”, “Privacy & Safety”, and more.

5. Now, you need to click on “Privacy & Safety” to go to your privacy and safety settings. Click on the privacy option
blank6. Once your entered in Discord privacy and safety settings, you will see an option “Server Privacy Defaults” open it.

7. Under the Server Privacy defaults, you will see an “Allow access to age-restricted servers on iOS” option.
blank8. Now you need to enable that option, because it is disabled by default.

9. Enable “Allow access to age-restricted servers on iOS” by sliding the switch to ON.

Why can’t I join NSFW Discord servers on iOS?

App Store has certain guidelines for the NSFW content, that’s why you can directly join Adult content servers con Discord. Also, such content is not directly visible on Discord for iOS users.

Discord Update on March 22, 2021, Discord changed the age rating, current ratings are increased from 12+ to 17+

As a result, iOS devices with content restrictions may not be able to access specific Discord servers.

If you’ve joined an NSFW server using the Discord for Desktop, you won’t be able to access it on the Discord iOS app.

The age rating update and settings iare done because of Apple’s request.

Discord works hard to create controls and policies to prevent underage kids from watching the inappropriate content.

Bottom Line: Fix “This server’s content is unavailable on iOS” on Discord

Apple has strict policies reagrding the security and privacy of user’s data. They don’t allow many of the directs as they prefer the indirects especially the age restriced content.

On their special request Discord developers has amended the app and brough the age restrictions filters. There is a reason why they keep the option of joining servers having Adult content on iOS through Desktop. So, that the kids can’t directly enable the age restrcitions content while having phone in their hands.

We appreciate this step by Discord and Apple.

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