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How to See All Comments You Posted on Instagram [2022]


Do you want to See All Comments You Posted on Instagram? We are bringing an easy guide for this task.

Compiled data is always better than the Scattered data. Luckily all big social houses take your data and organize it carefully.

When we talk about big social media houses then obviously the Meta inc who owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.


Specifically, if we talk about Instagram, we never ever saw such an organized social platform. A complete social media to interact with people.

Instagram keeps the records of your every activity on the platform. Post you have liked, Posts on which you comment, you can see all stuff in just a few steps.

Instagram, will show you all posts on which you commented according to the data sequence.

It’s time to reverse your way to the past on Instagram. What photos and videos on which you comment on Instagram and what were the comments.

How to See All Comments You Posted on Instagram

Here is the way through which you can see all comments you posted on Instagram. You can check this on Instagram App Only not on the Instagram PC version.

Total Time: 1 minute

See All Comments You Posted on Instagram Till Date

These steps are written according to the Instagram app on iPhone and Android. Follow the steps to see your All comments on what you did on other Instagram posts.

Open Instagram App and Profile

See All Comments You Posted on Instagram

Visit your phone’s home screen.

Find the Instagram App and launch it.

Tap on the Menu icon

See All Comments You Posted on Instagram

At the Instagram bottom Navigation bar, you need to tap on your Profile icon.

Right after your recent tap, you will see your profile on Instagram.

Tap on the Three Lines Menu (Hamburger) Option in the top right corner.

Tap on Your Activity

See All Comments You Posted on Instagram

Once you tap on the three-bar menu icon, you will see a different option, You need to tap on Your Activity

Choose Interactions

See All Comments You Posted on Instagram

Under the Your Activity option on Instagram, you will see a submenu containing the different options. Tap on Interactions.

Tap on Comments


Here is the final step, now you will see three options
1) Comments
2) Likes
3) Story Replies.
Now you know exactly what to do! Tap on the Comments Option. Here you will See All Comments You Posted on Instagram date vise.

Users also have the option to filter and sort the comments. Like Newest to Oldest Or Oldest to Newest. Instagram users also got another option to filter the comments. They can sort out comments in a specific portion of time. Enter the start date and end date of the time period in which you posted comments on Instagram.


How to Delete your Old Comments on Instagram Posts?

When you go to Profile > Hamburger icon > Your Activity > Interactions > Comments. You will notice the Blue Select option located at the top right corner of the screen?

Once you tap on it, little circles will appear next to each of your comments. If you tap on any single (or more than one) comment, a Delete button will appear on the bottom; tap on this button, and those comments will be deleted.

Can I check all my comments while using Instagram’s web version?

Unfortunately, the answer is No! The Instagram PC or Web version is very limited as compared to the mobile app. We can say there is a difference between the Proper and Improper Mobile and web versions of Instagram. If you want to see all comments you posted on Instagram.

Is there a way I can check all the comments someone else has made on my posts on Instagram as well?

Maybe there is a way through which you can see all comments that someone else done on your posts. But, unlike the comments posted by you, there is no specific feature on Instagram through which you can see other people’s comments on your post. Maybe some third-party app will be able to tell other people’s comments on your post in complied form.

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