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Scribd Downloader – Download Any Scribd Documents [2022]

  • Scribd provides instant access to e-books, audiobooks, podcasts, music, and documents.
  • It contains a huge variety of documents, some of which are downloadable and some are not.
  • I will discuss Scribd Downloader, and how you can download Scribd documents with ease.
Scribd Downloader

With a huge variety of documents that’s approx 60 million, many users prefer to use SCRIBD to get their desired content online. It’s mainly because Scribd also allows others to upload the documents so that other subscribers can also benefit from them.

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However, when a person uploads a document, he gets to decide whether to make that document downloadable or not. And if that person has restricted downloading of the uploaded document, Scribd wouldn’t allow any user to download it.


Just in case, if someone hasn’t added a download file restriction, everyone gets a Download button at the top-left corner of the document viewer page. With the help of the download facility, users get explored the required documents on their device’s storage.

Scribd Downloaders and How to Use Them?

A bunch of third-party tools allows you to download Scribd documents easily. All of these tools work online, you will be required to use a web browser to complete the task of downloading files from Scribd. However, all of these tools are free to use, so you will not be required to pay any additional charges.

Total Time: 2 minutes


To download SCRIBD documents with fast speed, one should prefer to use the DLSCRIBD website. No risks followed, users can easily download any documents, after getting the link from Scribd.

1. Visit the Scribd website on your web browser.

2. Use the website’s search bar to locate the required document.

3. From the address bar, copy the URL of that document.

4. Now, visit the DLSCRIBD website on a different tab.

5. Agree to the terms & policies and click on the Generate Download Link button.

6. On the next page, confirm you are human and click on the Download PDF button.

7. Choose the format of the document, which you want to be exported to your computer.

8. After making the respective sections, the file will be downloaded instantly.


With DocDownloader, you can also download files from other platforms like Slideshare, Academia, and Issuu. And the downloader is safe to use and can be used to download Scribd documents.

1. Visit the Scribd website and locate your preferred document.

2. Copy the URL of your desired file.

3. Launch the DocDownloader website.

4. Paste the copied URL in the respective field and click on the Get Link button.

5. Complete the CAPTCHA verification and click on Download PDF.

6. Choose a file format and proceed.


If you looking for a Scribd Downloader, specifically to download any files from SCRIBD, ScribdDown can be of great convenience for you. As it would allow you to download documents with ease, without having to ask you about any details.

1. Visit the Scribd file URL on your web browser.

2. Copy the Scribd file URL.

3. Launch the ScribdDown website.

4. Paste the copied URL and click on Get Link.

5. Complete the human verification and click on the Download button.


The good news for Firefox users, they can install the Greasemonkey firefox add-on, to download Scribd documents conveniently. The Add-on is available on the Mozilla Store, and one can get it for free.

1. Visit the Greasemonkey page on Mozilla Store.

2. Download and install the Greasemonkey add-on.

3. Once the extension is installed and added to Firefox, visit the Scribd document URL.

4. Click on the Download button and voila!

Note: Other than Firefox, users can benefit from Tempermonkey on Chrome, Opera, UC Browser, and Safari.

FAQs: Scribd Downloader

How to Download Scribd Paid Documents With Upload Documents?

If you don’t have the money to pay to download Scribd documents, here’s a workaround to help you download them for free. You can exchange a document on Scribd, meaning, you will have to upload a file, and in exchange, Scribd will allow you to download a file from its servers, for free.

How to Download Scribd Files With Free Trail Account?

Users who are new to Scribd can benefit from the 30-day free trial. They just have to click on the Download button, presented beside the Scribd document, and sign-up for a 30-day trial to get that document for free.

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