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How to Take Screenshots in Chrome/Firefox’s Incognito Tabs on Android


Can we take screenshots in Incognito Mode? Get your answer from this tutorial. Sometimes we have to open a website, webpage on incognito mode. It happens especially when you intend to sign in to a different Google Account without logging out from the already signed-in Google Account. The same goes for other social or account-based platforms. What will you do? if you need to take a screenshot in Incognito tabs at some point.

Why can’t I take screenshots in incognito mode?

Taking the screenshot is against privacy somehow. But, if you want to take screenshots of your own stuff then it is ok. Incognito mode restricts the browser as well as the user too from some features. One of the restricted features on Google Chrome or Firefox Incognito mode is taking screenshots. In the normal tab, you can easily take screenshots but in incognito mode, you can’t. Unless you already manipulated the default settings of your browser.


Can you take a screenshot on Google Chrome?

Of course you can easily take a screenshot on Google Chrome Normal tabs. In fact, you also take screenshots of Incognito tabs on Google Chrome. Just like we had written the procedure to take Chrome Incognito Mode Screenshots.

How to Take Screenshots in Chrome Incognito Tabs on Android?

Now we are going to tell you how to take a Screenshot of Incognito mode in Google Chrome. There is no need to involve the third-party screenshot app. All you need to do is to change some default settings on Chrome. After changing, users can take screenshots in Chrome Incognito mode.

The option is located in the Flags Menu, not in Settings. Flags menu. The flags menu has all of Chrome’s experimental features, and what you’re going to enable is still experimental.

The Flags Menu works perfectly in spite of fact that it is among experimental features.

Launch Google Chrome App on your smartphone. Visit the URL written below.


You will see Chrome’s flags screen. On this screen, tap the search box at the top and type Incognito Screenshot. You will see an option that will appear with the same title. Check the box of Enabled instead of Default.

Relaunch the Chrome browser from the button that appears. It is necessary to apply the changes.


Launch Chrome again, open the incognito mode. Now try to take the screenshot and you will see that you have successfully taken a screenshot on Chrome Incognito mode.

How to Take Screenshots in Incognito Mode of Firefox?

Unlike Google Chrome, the Firefox Incognito Mode Screenshots option is located in the Settings not Flags menu.

Launch Firefox App on your smartphone. You will see a three-dots menu icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap on that icon and select settings.

Locate the option of Private browsing, usually present under the privacy and security heading at first. Toggle on the Allow Screenshots in Private Browsing.

Now Launch Firefox again, open the incognito mode. Now try to take the screenshot and you will see that you have successfully taken a screenshot on Firefox Incognito mode.

How to Take Screenshot on Opera Incognito Mode?

Now you are thinking either you will enable the screenshot in Incognito mode on Opera from the settings or the Flags. Sorry to say! both ways are not applicable to Opera because there is no such option. Opera Browser on Mobile didn’t have an option for taking Screenshots in Incognito Mode.

All users can do is to use a third-party app Screenshot app on Opera. For example, we are using the Screenshot Easy App. Users can install it on Android from Google Play for free. Once installed open the app and Toggle on the necessary options.

Launch the Incognito tab on your Opera Browser. Open the screen which you want to be captured. Bring down the notification bar and tap on the Easy Screenshot (Click to take a Screenshot) option.

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