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How Can I Schedule Fake Incoming Calls On iPhone


Here I will be showing you the method to Schedule Fake Incoming Calls On iPhone. Sometimes we get ourselves in a situation from where we can not leave. At that moment, we are looking for anything that can make us leave the place or the gathering. This can happen if you are on a blind date that is going bad, or you are in a gathering, that you want to leave without making things awkward.

These moments can become uncomfortable for many users and perhaps, making a fake call on your iPhone is the safest way to get out of many situations. As phones are best for leaving any situation because no one will know if you actually have an emergency or not. So, why wait for a friend, relative, or colleague to call you. When you can easily make a fake call without disturbing any of your friends or relatives.

Schedule Fake Incoming Calls On iPhone


In many cases, people text their friends to call them, so they can get out of the situation. Many times, the person you are trying to contact is busy or they accidentally missed the text. You don’t know, how much time you can survive in an undesirable situation. So, the best scenario for anyone is to get a Fake Calling app and just set the time for the call.

Schedule A Fake Incoming Calls On Your iPhone

Schedule Fake Incoming Calls On iPhone is not a built-in feature. So, we have to rely on a third-party application for this purpose. There are many fake calling applications on the Apple App Store. You can easily download any one of the applications, however, first, check the reviews, then the star rating, so you can be fully satisfied with your download.

Here we will be using a third-party application known as “Fake Call-Prank Caller ID Apps”. This app is designed and published by Xuejing Pan on the Apple Store for iPhone. It has a 4.4-star rating from more than 13.1K votes. And most of the reviews, that I have found relating to this app are positive. So, I am going to be using “Fake Call-Prank Caller ID Apps” to Schedule Fake Incoming Calls On iPhone.

Schedule Fake Incoming Calls On iPhone

How Can I Schedule Fake Incoming Calls On iPhone

The method shown below will help you in downloading the app and setting it up making a fake call. So, without taking any more of your time, here is how you can A Schedule Fake Incoming Call On Your iPhone.

  • The first thing you have to do is to download a Fake calling app. I am using “Fake Call-Prank Caller ID Apps”, so click on the given link to get the same app on your iPhone. (LINK)
  • Upon launching the app, you will get a simple interface from where you can easily set the Calling Time, Caller Name, Ringing Tone, Vibration, Voice, and Wallpaper.
  • Once you have adjusted the settings, then make sure that the “Return Real Desktop” option is enabled.
    • If this option is not enabled, then after the fake call, the Fake caller app interface will open on the home screen.
    • This is a dead giveaway for people who have seen your device screen and know that you have made a fake phone call.
    • This option is located in the Wallpaper option on the main interface of the app.
  • Now, if you have completed setting up the Fake call, then tap on the Start Call button.
  • Now you will be taken to the home screen of your iPhone and will receive a phone call when the calling timer time is up.

Schedule Fake Incoming Calls On iPhone

There is a single drawback of this application, and I have also seen the same drawback on other Fake calling applications. Once you have tapped on the Start call, the home screen will open. This is a fake home screen picture, and the app is still open. If you tap on the home button or exit the app, then you won’t be able to receive any incoming fake calls.

This is all regarding the method to Schedule Fake Incoming Calls On iPhone. If you have any questions, then freely ask them in the comment section below. Also, ask questions relating to this topic, iOS, and iPad OS. Thank You for your time, and keep supporting ItsDailyTech.

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