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How to Save Facebook Videos on iPhone’s Camera Roll [2022]

  • Facebook is the most famous video-sharing platform.
  • It allows one to save videos, but only to be watched online.
  • So here, I will share some tricks to Save Facebook Videos on iPhone’s Camera Roll.
Save Facebook Videos on iPhone

It’s normal that everyone wants to save interesting videos from Facebook to be watched offline.

But the app officially doesn’t give the option of watching the saved videos offline.

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So in the following section, I will share some workarounds to help my readers watch Facebook videos from iPhone’s camera roll.

How Do I Save Facebook Videos on iPhone?

Facebook users can implement various solutions to download Facebook videos on their iPhone’s camera roll. In some tricks, they have to consult with online tools or third-party apps to get this job done, which I have discussed in detail.

Total Time: 4 minutes

Enable Recording

One of the easiest ways of saving FB videos on iPhone is through screen recording.

Every iPhone with iOS 14 or later versions, comes with a screen recording facility that can be enabled from the Control Center.

However, one can only record video clips of 2 minutes max, it’s the best option for those willing to save specific moments from a video.
To get started with screen recording, first launch a video on Facebook (which you wish to save on the camera roll) and then swipe down from the upper right corner.

From the Control Center, tap once on the Record button to enable recording.

Once you have recorded the precious moments, tap on the Stop button.

The recorded media will automatically be exported to your iPhone’s camera roll.

Use FBDown

There’s actually a Facebook video downloader that allows you to download videos online.
So first, you need to launch the Safari browser on your iPhone.

Visit the fbdown.net website on the browser.

Launch another tab and open Facebook in it.

Open the video on Facebook that you want to download.

Now, tap on the Share button and select Copy Link.

Go back to the tab where you have opened FBDown.

Paste the copied link within the perspective field and tap on the Download button.

Do the same process to download any FB video on your iOS device.

Add Downloader Shortcut to Safari

For further convenience, you can also add a shortcut to the Safari browser.

But every website or app can’t be added to Safari shortcuts.

That’s why I’ll be using the Facebook Video Downloader shortcut.
You need to click here to visit the official page to add its shortcut.

Once the shortcut has been added, you get to launch Facebook Video Downloader, directly from the Safari shortcuts.

After launching the downloader page, paste the link of your favorite Facebook video into it, and voila!

Use Friendly Social Browser

The aforementioned methods work great, but if you own an iPhone with an iOS version that’s less than 13.0, you should consider using Friendly Social Browser.

This free web browser is specifically designed for smartphone users who like to watch and download Facebook videos.

But first, you are required to download it from the App Store, and then launch it from the home screen of your iPhone.
Login using your Facebook account credentials.

Now, launch a Facebook video to be saved on your iPhone’s Camera Roll.

While watching a video, tap on the Download icon and choose “Save to Photos”

Allow Friendly browser to export the saved media file to Photos.

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading How to Save Facebook Videos on iPhone’s Camera Roll, at it’sDailyTech.

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