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Safari Extensions On iOS 15 – How To Install On iPhone & iPad


In WWDC 2021 Apple has announced iOS 15 and its many new & improved features. Safari Extensions On iOS 15 is one of the new features introduced to the stock web browser in Apple devices. Furthermore, the Safari web browser interface has received a major makeover. Multiple new features have been added to the Safari browser to further enhance the performance, usability, and experience of the user.

Safari Extensions were previously available on Mac devices. As a user of Mac, I personally love using the Safari web browser with a lot of extensions. However, when I have to perform any task on my iPhone Safari web browser. I was a bit hesitant because all of my extensions were installed on my Mac device. And on my iPhone, I have to manually do every task. But now Apple has added Safari Extension on iOS 15 and I am loving it.

Here I have explained Safari Extensions and the method to download and install them on your device. Moreover, You can get to know about all the other features that are in iOS 15. Or get to know some of the new tips and tricks in iOS 15 or iPad OS 15. Without taking any more of your time, here is how you can install Safari Extensions on your iPhone or iPad.


How To Install Safari Extensions On iOS 15 – iPhone & iPad

The procedure to install Safari Extensions on your iPhone or iPad is very easy. Apple allows the user to easily browse and install Safari Extensions directly from the Safari settings in the Settings menu. Follow the method given below to learn the entire method in quick and easy steps.

  • Open the Settings Menu on your device (iPhone or iPad)
    • Scroll down a little bit and select the Safari option.

Safari Extensions On iOS 15

  • Scroll down in this menu and select the Extension option.
    • Now tab on the More Extensions option.

Safari Extensions On iOS 15

  • The menu of Safari Extensions that are available in the App Store will open on the screen.
    • Explore all the extensions and download your favorite extensions.

Safari Extensions On iOS 15

Additional Method To Download Safari Extensions

The user also has the option to download Safari Extensions On iOS 15 directly from the Apple App Store. Use the keywords “Web Extension” or “Safari Extensions” to search for extensions on Apple App Store. Scroll to find more extensions and download the ones you want on your iPhone or iPad.

Safari Extensions On iOS 15

How To Use Safari Extensions On iPhone Or iPad

To Use Safari Extensions you have to open the Safari web browser. Now tap on the circle with three dots in the toolbar. Now tap on the extension. If permissions are required, then agree to them. Once you have completed this task, your web extensions are ready to be a user on your Safari web browser on iPhone or iPad.

Safari extension

Manage Safari Extensions On iPadOS 15 & iOS 15 – Add Or Remove Extensions

Managing Safari Extensions On iOS 15 is very easy. Moreover, if you don’t want to use any extension you can easily disable it. Users don’t have to delete the extension. Whenever you want to use some extension you can easily enable it.

  • Open the settings menu and scroll down to open the Safari option.

  • In this menu, scroll down and select the Extension option.

Here you will see all the extensions that you have downloaded and are active on your iPhone or iPad. Use the toggle switch to enable or disable these extensions for optimal usage.

What Are Safari Web Extensions?

Safari Web Extensions on iPhone and iPad are lightweight programs. That can perform just like web extensions on Mac devices or Chrome extensions on Google Chrome Web Browser. Using these extensions on Safari Browser – iPhone or iPad, you can customize the browser functionality according to your needs or requirements.

These Web Extensions on iPhone and iPad are built on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. These Web Extensions can easily enhance the capability of the Safari browser and increase productivity. Easily access the password manager, Dark Mode, Sticky notes, and much more. However, the dark mode is not fully compatible with every website, but it will be compatible in the near future.

Safari Extensions Coming To iOS 15

We all know the Safari Extension is a new feature. And every new feature takes some time to fully develop. Developers are currently working on Safari Extensions On iOS 15 and shortly they will be widely available. However, the first web extensions, that we will be seeing would likely be the ones available in the Mac OS. However, it is just a theory and Apple might be considering something else.

Moreover, 1password which is a well know password manager has successfully tested their first Safari Extension On iOS 15. This extension allows the user to easily manage their passwords with just a single tab.

This is all regarding Safari Extensions On iOS 15, Thank You for your time, and keep supporting ItsDailyTech.

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