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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Battery Drain Issue


The battery drain is becoming a global issue, Especially those devices on which users play high voltage games like Call of Duty Mobile and Players Unknown Battleground. Gaming has a huge impact on Smartphone Battery Life. If a smartphone’s battery life is one and a half days then one hour of gaming can make it a day. No matter how many high-end smartphones you have.

Talking about high-end smartphones! S22 Ultra is going to launch tomorrow and Samsung Lovers are eagerly waiting for it. For the first time ever Samsung has mixed the S series and Note series. Now users will get the S-Pen in the new Samsung Smartphone Flagships. Samsung is giving the 4500 mAh battery in the new S22 Ultra which is more than enough, even if you play games on it. But, what if the Samsung S22 Ultra Battery Drain issue arises.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Battery Drain


It is quite a chance that users may face a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Battery Drain Issue because of the heavy specifications. Remember such issues are because of software in 90% of the cases. So, users don’t need to contact the Samsung Repairing Center because you can fix the Samsung S22 ultra battery Drain issue by yourself.

What Causes Galaxy S22 Ultra Battery Drain Problem?

Device Overuse:

We use our smartphones on daily basis. Since the smartphone industry is growing and adding more and more features. Our usage becomes more and more.

We use smartphones for multiple purposes, including continuous video calling, taking pictures, and using a variety of unneeded applications.

It can also cause battery draining issues for Samsung. These problems can be ignored.

Using While Charging:

We have the habit of charging it while we use it. Unfortunately, these activities can directly impact the battery.

If you are prone to this kind of behavior, then it is best to stop. You could be in for some serious damage.

How to fix the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Battery Drain Issue

One of the biggest drawbacks of the latest smartphones is “Apps keep running in the background” Even if we somehow manage to close them, the battery still drains.

So, one thing we can do to stop the background running function on Android phones is to reboot. When you restart any smartphone, the device all ongoing functions get stopped.

  1. Press and hold the Side button and Volume Up or Down button until you see the power off slider.
  2. Drag the slider that says “slide to power off” to the right. Your phone will get powered off in a while.
  3. Press and hold the power button until the Apple Logo Appears.
  4. Your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is successfully rebooted.
  5. Now you will notice that the battery drainage is too slow as compared to before the reboot.

Low your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Brightness

Brightness and always-on display are the biggest sources of battery consumption in smartphones. So, Keeping your device screen at low brightness contribute to the save Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra from battery drain. Here’s how you can decrease your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra brightness.

  1. Bring the Android shortcuts menu by swiping down from the upper-right corner on your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.
  2. Drag the Brightness slider to the bottom. Or you can also turn on the auto-brightness on your latest Samsung S22 Ultra.

Close the recent Tabs

It’s just like running the all apps at a time. Whenever you switch to another app, the recent app keeps running because the tab is not closed.

So, if you don’t need to use more than 2 apps at a time, it’s better to close the recent tabs. Swipe up the home bar on your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and clear all the recent apps by swiping them up.

It will close the recent tabs and the battery will be consumed only by the current app.

Turn off Mobile Data

It’s better to turn off the Mobile data when you are not using the internet. The mobile data will decrease the battery life overall.

Slide down the notification bar and turn the Mobile data off from the shortcut menu. Try to use the internet over WiFi especially on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to fix Battery Drain issues.

Keep the Location Services Off

Always turning on location services is not good for Baterry performance as well as privacy too. When you don’t need the location services to turn it off. It will help a lot to stop the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Battery drain issue.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Battery Drain Fixes – More Solutions

Although these solutions are enough to fix the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Battery Drain issue. But we have found more for you as we promised.

Disable Unused Notification:

Because there are so many companies in the tech sector, the application never failed to send every important notification to make sure it wins the market.

Samsung S22 Plus battery drain overnight problem is caused by some notification sent from certain applications. This is why we advise you to block notifications from such applications.

Disable Unused Features:

There are many features that can’t be used every time, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

These features consume more battery, which eventually leads to Samsung S22 super

battery issues. It is best to disable those applications when they are not being used.

Keep the Device Battery Healthy:

If you are an old Samsung user then I am sure. It is possible that you have heard about the device’s sudden explosion.

The truth is that charging your device correctly can ensure the battery stays charged. It is our first priority to ensure the device stays charged.

To achieve this, we suggest that the device be charged only until its battery life reaches 15%. After that, it should be left unattended for at least 15 minutes before you touch it again.

Keep the Apps And Software Updated:

Verify the current update to find out if your battery is draining. It is possible that your device has an outdated version of the software.

The device may have outdated software that causes problems such as slow battery drain, device lag, and other issues.

It is a good idea to check the software. It’s best to update the software as soon as possible if it’s out of date.

That will be all for today. This is how you can Fix Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Battery Drain Problem. 

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