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How to Roll Back Windows 11 to Windows 10


The arrival of the Windows 11 is near and the computer technology world is desperately waiting for it. It’s been 5 years since the Windows 10 release. In this massive time period, Windows 10 is the daily driver for almost more than half of computer users in the world. Either they are students and they are professionals, Windows 10 will be their first choice.

At the time of the Windows 10 launch, Bill Gates said that it will be the last Windows version and it will get frequent updates in the future, but 10 will be the last digit. Right after 5 to 6 years, we heard about Windows 11. Now the computer users are confused about either they should shift to Windows 11 or stay loyal with the 10.

Recently the Microsoft rolled the testing build of Windows 11 and many users are using that Raw testing build. We already explained that the ongoing Windows 11 builds are on testing, they are not the complete version.


Why should we roll Back Windows 11 to Windows 10

Mean while the build releases many Windows 10 users upgraded to Windows 11 just to check how the new version looks. But, due to incomplete version the Windows 11 is causing problems for them. Now, they want to get Windows 10 back on their computer.

Especially the gaming community is facing a lot of issues regarding the games. Game developers didn’t launch the new versions of games for the upcoming OS. And how they can? When the final Windows 11 complete version will release, then they will do work on their games to make it compatible the new OS. such as Apex Legends, Valorant, GTA 5 could not render the graphics properly due to lack of optimization.

How to downgrade the Win 11 to Win 10

The problem is that many of the user’s don’t know how to downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10. So, we are demonstrating this tutorial to guide you on how to roll back Windows 11 to Windows 10. Follow the below steps to downgrade the Win 11 to 10.

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Step 1: Click the “Start” button on Windows 11 computer and open “Settings” from the shortcut.

Roll Back Windows 11 to Windows 10

Or, if you have removed settings from the shortcuts, then you can search for it.

Step 2: Now click on the “System” option.

Roll Back Windows 11 to Windows 10

Step 3: Scroll down until the “Recovery” setting shows up on the screen and click to open it.

Roll Back Windows 11 to Windows 10

Step 4: Click on “Go back” to continue.

Roll Back Windows 11 to Windows 10

Step 5: A new window will pop up on the screen and tell them why you want to roll back to Windows 10.

Roll Back Windows 11 to Windows 10

Click on “Next”, once you have selected the reason.

Step 6: The software will try to convince you to reconsider your decision, but click on “No, thanks” to continue.

Roll Back Windows 11 to Windows 10

Step 7: Click on “Next” at a quick warning that you should read without skipping it.

Roll Back Windows 11 to Windows 10

You should back up the data because one corrupted file can lead to unresponsive software.

Step 8: Make sure that you remember the Windows 10 login password. And then click on “Next” to proceed.

Roll Back Windows 11 to Windows 10

Step 9: Windows 11 will thank you for trying the latest beta build version. Click on “Go back to earlier build.”

Your will PC will begin rolling back to an earlier version and you shouldn’t interrupt until the Windows 10 login screen shows up on the screen.

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