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Roku Web Browser: How To use Internet Browser on Roku


Internet Browser on Roku? Roku Web Browser! Sounds unavailable! Well, we always manage tricks to overcome the blackness and unavailability of software. As usual, we again managed to run a web browser on Roku.

What is Roku?

Well, if anyone comes here randomly and doesn’t know about Roku then let us tell you, it is the streaming service for TV. You can say it is the alternative to Netflix App. It offers a million movies and countless shows with all episodes. Against a very minor charge, users can avail this brilliant entertainment service on TV.


The Roku app runs on the Roku OS which is an emerging software on smart tv. It works the same way as the Android TV.

Roku Web Browser?

There is no browser in Roku by default, we need to tweak a browser into Roku through an unofficial but authentic procedure. Don get confused with the “Roku search”, it is not a browser but just a finder. This is used for exploring the media files on TV. To get a proper Google Chrome alike web browser like on Roku, users have to go through a small tricky tunnel.

Cast Web Browser to Roku using Windows 10

Casting and crafting terms are now owned by technology before, they were arts. Screencasting is now old, every smartphone and laptop users probably know about it. Connect the device with the TV using WiFi technology and stream the content on a TV screen through a phone/Laptop.

You can perform the same trick if you want to use an internet browser on Roku. Just confirm one thing that your Laptop must be updated on Windows 10 latest version. The old versions don’t include the casting option, especially below the 2020 versions. Thanks to the Miracast for giving us this technology.

Move your mouse cursor at the right corner of the taskbar and click on the notification icon. If the project option doesn’t appear in the front panel then click on Expand Option.

Web Browser on Roku

When you’re ready, select the small notification icon at the lower right corner of the desktop on the Windows 10 taskbar.

In the list of appeared features, you’ll see a Project icon, click on it. Now it will launch the Windows 10 project feature which lets you project your screen to any wireless display on your network. You’ll need to select how you want to project the screen.

Now under the project feature, users will see the following options:

  • PC screen only: Will only display on your PC and not on the other screen
  • Duplicate: Duplicate your main computer screen to the Roku device
  • Extend: Use the Roku device as an additional monitor
  • Second screen only: Project only to the Roku device and don’t display anything on your PC screen

Web Browser on Roku

Choose the option you prefer. Extend is the most common choice since you can continue using your other screens while using the web browser on the TV via the Roku device. However, you may not want light from your other screens distracting from the TV display, in which case you might opt for the Second screen only.

Web Browser on Roku

Select your option, then select Connect to a wireless display at the bottom of the list.

Web Browser on Roku

When you do this, you’ll see a list of all devices on your network that you can project to. These are typically devices that support casting using Microsoft’s Miracast technology. If you’ve paired any Bluetooth devices, you’ll likely see these here as well. Of course, you won’t be able to cast a Windows 10 screen to Bluetooth devices.

In just a few seconds, you’ll see your TV screen displaying the background image from your Windows 10 PC. This is because, thanks to the Roku device, the TV is now an extended monitor for your computer.

Now you are ready to cast and use the Web Browser on Roku. Users love to use the Google Chrome as the Roku Web Browser.

Casting Google Chrome on Roku

Now you can launch web browser and drag it onto the TV since it’s simply an extended screen for your Windows 10 computer.

Cast Google Chromer Web Browser on Roku using Android Smartphone

There are different names of screen casting on different Android Versions and variants. In some phones it is present as a name of “Cast”, or it will be available as ” SmartView.

Drop down the menu bar, expand the shortcuts and locate Smart View. Tap on the SmartView/Cast option. Now search for the Roku Tv and get connected.

Note: The Smart View was retired from October 2020. Now users, you should use the SmartThings app, it is the productivity suite of Samsung smartphones. On SmartThings, you can access this same functionality by scanning for available devices near you. iOS users are unfortunately as usuall because they can’t cast the Browser to Roku TV.

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