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Fix: Roku Channel Failed to Load Content [2022 Guide]


In this article, readers can discover the top 6 ways to Fix Roku Channel Failed to Load Content. If you are facing the same trouble while launching a media stream, you need to read the rest of this post. So that you can continue to live stream your favorite media without having to face any complications.

How Do I Fix Roku Channel Failed to Load Content?

To tell you the truth, there are several reasons for Failed to Load Content issue on Roku. Either your devices aren’t responding well or the Roku servers are not acting respectively to your request. That’s why you will have to perform more than one solution until the error is bypassed for good.


Update Roku Software

Specifically for this error, users need to take care of the pending Roku software updates. Because this issue is mostly caused by outdated Roku software. So what you need to do is update the software and check if it resolves the problem.Update Roku

  • Launch Roku Settings and go to the System tab
  • Select the System Update link
  • Hit the Check now button

In case you are notified about a pending update, allow Roku to download the nesscary files and install them instantly. You will be asked to restart your device for a successful update.

Restart Roku

Restarting your Roku device can help you resolve several issues. So if you face any error while using Roku, do perform a soft reset, before implying any lengthy solutions.

Roku Channel Failed to Load Content

  • Launch Settings and go to System
  • Select the System Restart link
  • For better results, remove all cables from the Roku device and connect them while Roku is booting.

Users also have the option of restarting their networks routers, because it can be a network issue. So do restart both Roku and Network router at the same time for your ease.

Uninstall Problematic Channels

Some channels can be problematic enough to cause your Roku device to lag. So it would be better if you remove them. The proper way to do this is to uninstall a channel from your list. After removing it, restart Roku to help your device start the required resources. Now check if it fixes the Roku Channel Failed to Load Content error.

Build A New Account

It is a possibility that Roku servers are not responding well to your login request. In that case, you need to create a new Roku account. But do remember to make certain customizations while building a new ID.

Always select your country and region depending upon the channels you are live streaming. If you accidentally select a different country, you will start to receive errors from the server’s end.

Factory Reset Roku

As a last resort to fix Roku Channel Failed to Load Content, you can factory reset Roku. That will also help the device installed the latest software update. And, it will remove the corrupted files from your directory.

Factory Reset Roku

  • Launch Roku Settings and go to the System tab
  • Select Advanced System Settings from the left pane
  • Hit the Factory reset option from the right pane
  • From there, confirm your action and allow Roku software to perform the required steps.

Contact Roku Support

In case you are still stuck with the same issue, do contact the Roku technical support. Describe the nature of your problem and ask them for a solution. This way, the Roku team will be notified about such an error, and they will provide a batch file that the bug fix. And, you will get an update that’ll bypass the error by resolving any related corruptions.

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