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Roblox Free Items (October 2022) Hair, Clothes, & More!


All Roblox Free Items you can find to date, details are available below. Want games in the game? Sounds like you need Roblox. The SEGA games of the modern generation, have millions of games under one game and that is Robox, the home of mini amusements.

Roblox knows exactly how to keep the player’s interest alive forever! That’s why their 42 million plus users are damn loyal! Roblox games are always exciting not just because of gameplay but also events, gifts, free items, surprise boxes, themes, and much more. Enter a code to get the gift is probably the most vintage way of surprising and Roblox players just love it.

The Roblox Free Items list is so massive that it will become countless by the end of 2022. We are enlisting all the Roblox-free items which you can get to date. Also, authors will frequently update the list as soon as more free items come in Roblox.


Roblox Free Items 2022

Here is the complete list of Roblox Free Items that you can get in 2022.

Samsung Items

Samsung Space Tycoon players can get 5 free items from the box by playing the game and earning currency. We are embedding the video below to teach you how you can get items in Samsung Space Tycoon inside Roblox.

NEW: Ice Cold Shaved Ice

Roblox players can get the Ice Cold Shaved Ice Back Accessory by heading to the Roblox page. Later they need to hit the big green GET button to have it added to their account.

Fireworks in France Hat

You can add some lights, crackers, and Fireworks in France Hat by heading to the Roblox page and hitting the big green GET button to have it added to your account!

Nike Swoosh Sunglasses & Striker Shorts

Nike is not just a brand it is a part of sports and sports-based digital games. Players can get awesome purple items in the NIKE LAND experience by leveling up in the Soccer game in NIKELAND Roblox.

Strawberries & Cream Hat and Tennis Bag

Players need to to the Wimbledon Shop for the Wimbleworld experience. In the Shop corner, players will see the two items they can purchase in exchange for Wimble Bux. The hat costs the players 100 coins and the bag costs 200 Coins. Coins can be earned by playing matches against players or redeeming game codes. You can increase your game inventory.

TJ Crossover Bags, Pop Hoodies, Stripe Rugby Shirts

Roblox let you do some luxury shopping where you can buy some high-end exclusive brand products. For instant example, you can get two TJ Crossover Bags by heading into the Tommy Hilfiger Experience in Roblox. But as the brand is luxury cost will be more. Players have to collect 790 coins for each bag in the game. Once the players got the amount, they can head to the in-game shop and purchase them to get the item. The below tutorial will help you with how you can do it.

Sunsilk City Hair Care products

You need to take care of characters’ hair in Sunsilk city, a game about growing and caring for hair. Watch the below tutorial for help.

Canada Day Zippered Jacket

In winter Canada’s temperature is extremely cold and it’s difficult to survive without a good Zipper jacket. Click the big green GET button to receive a nice new jacket for your avatar in celebration of Canada Day.

Wimbledon Items

More new Wimbledon tennis experience has been added to the game known as Wimbleworld as we mentioned above. If you play the Roblox Wimbledon game and successfully manage to reach level 2, you will be awarded a Wimbledon Cap. You need to hit level 4 will and 15 will also get you items.

Duolingo Bodysuit and Snapback Cap

Players need to play the minigame over and over to collect coins to total up enough to obtain the items. They will get two free items in the Duolingo Experience by collecting 1,000 Coins and 2,000 Coins for the body suit and hats respectively.

Blue Flame Robo Samurai

Just head to the page on Roblox and hit the big green GET button to get the Blue Flame Robo Samurai Hat. This offer is expired now as it was for till 8th July 2022.

Gudetama Backpack

It can be obtained by playing the My Hello Kitty Cafe game and reaching level 20. The Gudetama Backpack is a Hello Kitty-themed item.

Blue Flame Robo Samurai

Just head to the page on Roblox and hit the big green GET button to get the Blue Flame Robo Samurai Hat. This offer is expired as it was valid only till 8th July 2022.

TJ Donut Headphones

You will automatically receive the TJ Donut Headphones item for your avatar, Just enter into the Tommy Play experience and play the game.

Givenchy Items

Givenchy is my favorite brand especially when it comes to shirts, pants, and other wearables. Players will get a variety of items in the new Givenchy Beauty House experience

List of items with a tutorial to a video on how to get them.

  • Lock Necklace 1.0 & 2.0 (Video)
  • 4G Cap and Le Rouge Cross-Body Bag (Video)
  • Irresistible Backpack 1.0 & 3.0 (Video)
  • 4G Sunglasses (Video)

Glitch Boombox

Learn how via this video by DeeterPlays. You can get the Glitch Boombox shoulder accessory by playing the Samsung Superstar Galaxy experience.

TJ Wearable BMX

The player can achieve the TJ Wearable BMX Backpack for free by completing the introduction in the Tommy Play experience.

Boarding Pass – Tate McRae

Get the Boarding Pass back the item by heading into the Tate McRae Concert Experience. You can collect 20 different coins there. Find all of them with the help of DeeterPlays video.

Gucci Oversized Sunglasses & More

Oversized Sunglasses are fun and funny especially when they belong to a class like Gucci. Get the Gucci Oversized Sunglasses for free by heading into the Gucci Town experience and completing the tutorial. The demonstrator also guided how to get 4 other items in the video.

Screenshot Patchwork Jacket

Just head into the Spotify Island Experience and run around the map grinding/sliding on different objects. This will help you to get the free Screenshot Patchwork Jacket for your avatar. Do this 20 times, and you will obtain a badge and get the jacket for free.

SOFI TUKKER Purple Hat & Tennis T-Shirt

Players can be gifted a SOFI TUKKER Purple Hat and the Wet Tennis T-Shirt. Head over to the page on the Roblox Avatar Shop and hit the big green get button there.

Nike Fury Headband & Shoebox Costume

To learn how to get Nike Fury Headband and Showbox costumes, be sure to head to DeeterPlays videos on the Headband and Costume. You can get the Nike Fury Headband and Shoebox Costume by completing tasks in the Nikeland experience.

Clarks’ CICAVERSE Items

Check out the following video to learn how to get them all. Get a bunch of new items from the Clarks’ CICAVERSE event!

Puma Essentials Cap

Puma is another real-life luxury and exotic sports brand. To get the Puma Essentials Cap, just head into the Puma and the Land of Games experience and go through the entire tutorial.

Samsung Super Galaxy Items

You can also get Charli XCX Cheerleader items by completing tasks in the game. Get the new Z Flip3 item by playing the Samsung Super Galaxy game. You can check out this video by DeeterPlays on how exactly to get it.

Find out how by heading to this video by DeeterPlays.

More Hair & Shoes

Spotify Island Freebies

This is a new partnership with Roblox and Spotify. Which you can get multiple free items by completing tasks from the new Spotify Islands game! It might translate to more future collaborations.

NFL Draft Hat

Refer to this video by DeeterPlays, Get the NFL Draft Hat by heading into the NFL Tycoon game and placing down a New Era Concession Stand.

Song Breaker Awards Items

If you head into the Roblox Logitech Song Breaker Awards game and complete some tasks, you can get a bunch of free items.

All Items

You can get a bunch of new Alo Yoga-themed items for your Roblox Avatar by completing tasks in the Alo Sanctuary experience. Again Deeter’splay will help you.

Luchador Champion

Head on over to the Luchador Champion Roblox item page and hit the big green GET button to nab yourself a new hat accessory!

Cinnamoroll Backpack

The Cinnamoroll Backpack is also a Hello Kitty-themed item that you can obtain by playing the new My Hello Kitty Cafe game. You need to serve 1,000 customers.


NEW: Peatland

Roblox Beatland is a game that you can play and get free avatar-related items. Make sure to head over to DeeterPlays’ YouTube channel for tutorials, there’s a variety of stuff you can do on it.

Even More Free Hair

More Free Hair

Vans Items

Vans update is here for the new Vans World experience and along with it comes some new free items.

Arsenal Bundle

You can also head into the game Arsenal and hit the Prime Gaming button. Get the Arsenal Bundle for free if you have Amazon Prime! Head over to the Roblox Prime Gaming page and claim your code.


NEW: More Hair

  • Curly Afro–Red
  • Braided Hair – Black
  • Wavy Middle Part – Blonde
  • Medium Middle Part – Red
  • Sideswept Dreads – Red
  • Sideswept Dreads – Blonde
  • Surfer – Brown
  • Top Knot – Black
  • Straight Bangs – Blonde
  • Top Knot – Brown
  • Medium Right Part – Red
  • Curly Afro–Black
  • Pony Tail – Blonde
  • Side Part – Red

More Free Hair Items

Two Free Coats

VIP Color Block T-Shirt


Why I love Roblox, is because it gave gifts as we received in real life and shirts are the most important. Another shirt is the VIP Color Block T-Shirt. Open up the camera portion on your smartphone and scan the following QR code. The Roblox app will automatically include the shirt in your game inventory.

Four More Hair Styles

Chipotle Items

Chipotle is back on Roblox, Take a look at this video by DeeterPlays on how to get them all.

Ice Brain Hat


The Ice Brain Hat is an older item, but it is now available just by heading to the item’s page and clicking the big green Get button.

Layered Shorts, Sweaters, Shoes & Skirt

If you’re loving the new layered clothing that Roblox has added to the platform, you are in luck because they’ve added even more items for you to grab for free!

Free Hair

Roblox just added four new hairstyles that you can get for free for your avatar!

Beats and Kerwin Frost’s ‘Cosmophones’


Head into Dunking Simulator and go locate the Kerwin Frost NPC in-game. You will get a quest with a chance to earn yourself the Beats and Kerwin Frost’s ‘Cosmophones’. You just need to complete 10 dunks in-game. Afterward, talk to Kerwin Frost again to receive the item.

Nike Cloud Board

Earn the Nike Cloud Board back accessory by obtaining the Jump Jump Juggernaut Badge in Nikeland.

Learn how to do so with this video by DeeterPlays.

24kGoldn Items

Get free items in celebration of the 24kGoldn Concert Experience.

Green Emerald Gold Rush Puffer

The Alo Sanctuary Game has given quite a few items away, and you can now nab this Green Emerald Gold Rush Puffer Jacket.


Even More Free Layered Shirts & Pants

Free layered clothes for you to grab:

More Free Layered Shirts & Pants

You can get two more pairs of pants and a couple of shirts by just heading to each page and hitting that GET button.

Free Layered Shirts & Pants

You can now get a couple of pairs of pants and shirts for your character. Head to the links below and hit the big green GET button!

Even More Free Jackets

You can now get five more great-looking options for your avatar by visiting the following links!

More Free Layered Jackets

There are now even more jackets for you to grab for free in the Roblox Avatar Shop. These are layered items that will sit over your clothes. You just need to head to each page and hit the big green GET button to add them to your inventory.

Free Layered Clothes

You can get five free items from the Roblox Avatar Shop just by visiting each page and hitting the big green GET button. These are new layered clothing, which can go over other items. So a jacket will cover up your shirt, but the shirt can show if the jacket is open. Here’s the list of items you can get:

Nike LeBron James Crown


Get the NBA’s second-leading all-time run-scorer LeBron James Crown by completing tasks in the Nikeland Roblox Experience. Earn you XP. Learn more about how to get it in this video by DeeterPlays.

Gucci Classic Orchestra Rose x Achille Lauro

Players can get the Gucci Classic Orchestra Rose x Achille Lauro front accessory for free. Visit the new Achille Lauro Superstar featuring the Gucci Roblox experience. Once you enter the game, you will be rewarded immediately.


But it may take an hour for the arrival of the gift in your inventory.

McLaren F1 Helmets

By heading into the McLaren F1 Racing Experience, you can get two free helmets for your avatar with the helmet items. There is a helping tutorial if you can’t find them, watch this video for their exact location.

District Trucker Hat, Warrior Mat + Alo Yoga Strap

You can follow along with this video by DeeterPlays to watch how it’s done.

Get the District Trucker Hat and Warrior Mat by completing some tasks in the Alo Sanctuary game.


Rams Melon Head, Bengals Who Dey Backpack, & Super Bowl LVI Cap

Get the Los Angeles Rams Melon Head, Cincinnati Bengals Who Dey Backpack. Also, you can attain the Super Bowl LVI Cap by heading into the NFL Tycoon. Play the destruction house event in the game. You can find out where to go in this video by DeeterPlays.


Wilson Super Bowl LVI Commemorative Football

Get the Wilson Super Bowl LVI Commemorative Football by collecting all of the 56 Wilson Footballs in the NFL Tycoon game. You can watch a helpful tutorial, click on this video by DeeterPlays.


BRITs Items

Get the BRITs StatueHelmetBackpackPendant, and Sign celebrating the 2022 British Awards. Headinto the Brits VIP Party Game and complete some tasks.


Music Note Speech Bubble

You can get the Music Note Speech Bubble hat by completing the hobby in the David Guetta DJ Party experience. You can find out how to complete the challenge by watching this video by Conor3D.


Titanium Jet Pack

After you complete the obby in the David Guetta DJ Party experience, you can then complete the challenge that is found at Archive Island in the game. If you can do it, you will get the Titanium Jet Pack for free! You can learn how to complete the challenge via this video by Conor3D.


New Year Tiger

The New Year Tiger is a new Hat item to celebrate 2022! It is an Apple iOS exclusive item, but there are ways to get around it. Watch this video by DeeterPlays on how to get it when you don’t have an Apple device.

Flurry Belt

You can get the Flurry Belt by playing the Roliday Rumble 2021 game on Roblox. You can learn more about how to get it by watching this video by DeeterPlays.

Nike Cookie Earmuffs

Get the Nike Cookie Earmuffs by heading into the Nikeland game and talking to Giannis Antetokounmpo. Once you have done so, you will get an alert that you have received the item! Wait an hour or so for it to show up in your inventory.


Upside Down Elf Hat

You can get the Upside Down Elf Hat by spending 1,500 points on a 100 Robux Gift Card via the Microsoft Rewards promotion. This is a viable way to get free Robux, and you can also now get this item. You can check out details on how to do it via our how-to get Robux free post!

BFC Gold Opera Glasses

Get the BFC Gold Opera Glasses for your avatar for free by completing the quests in The Fashion Awards 2021 experience. You can check out this video to see how to complete the tasks!


NFL Helmet

Get a free NFL Helmet for your Roblox Avatar by just entering into the NFL Shop Roblox experience. When you join the game, you should receive a badge. This will signify that you have received the item!


Free Nike Items

You can get two free Nike items by heading into the NIKE LAND Roblox game! Use the teleport button to get to the Lobby. Then locate the Showroom, which is a red building with a holographic shoe over it. Go inside and look for the mannequin with the Nike hat on. Find and it click on the collect button to receive the Nike Pro Cap and the Nike Elemental Backpack!

Free Avatar Bundles

Some of the free Avatar bundles were made exclusively available for Xbox players. But the good news is that you can now get it on any device of your choice. You can get them from the following links:

Tai Verdes Concert Experience

Three free items are added to the Tai Verdes Concert Experience. You can get such items directly from the in-game store. So while playing the game, click on the Cart button and you will see these three items, just sitting there for free.

Zara Larsson Tour Lanyard

The Zara Larsson Tour Lanyard Roblox is just a badge that’s wearable on your neck. You can collect this item from the Roblox store and keep wearing it for as long as you please. It will help you get exclusive protocols, while you are visiting Zara stores in the malls.


Free Chipotle Items

The  Chipotle Boorito Maze game allows you to collect Chipotle Hat, which you can only collect by completing different mazes. But you will have to be precautions all the time, as some mazes contain dangers, beyond your imagination.

Neon Devil Headphones

Head to the LuoBu Transformation Night game to collect Neon Devil Headphones in Roblox. You have to be fearless to face the horrors of the night and face the demons like a brave person. Because only then, you will get to receive Neon Devil headphones and other items for free.


Owl Mask

Head to the Insomniac World Party game to get an Owl Mask for yourself. You will be required to talk with the Pasquale Rotella NPC, to get this free item. And, complete some dancing quests while staying in stealth mode.


Two Lil Nas X Items

Here are the links to the Two Lil Nas X items which you can collect from the Avatar Store. These items are available for free, you will not be required to complete any quests to get them:


Pro Gamer Backpack

Exclusively for Verizon Up subscribers, the Pro Gamer Backpack is available for free. Players can collect this item directly from the Roblox store, without having to enter any further events.


More LUOBU Items

To collect more LUOBU items in Roblox, you can head into the Bump World: Free Jungle. From this place, you are required to collect sparkly robots. And in return, you get numerous rewards. Here is the list of rewards you get after submitting these rogue robot children:


Chinese Traditional White Shirt and Pants

For Chinese traditional fans, two different kinds of suiting are added within the Luobu 抓兔子大PK Game. Players can adjust the suiting, as they please, after getting the respective shirts and pants from the store.


Free Luobu Music Items

For music lovers, three different items are added to the store, which they can get for free. All of the available items are a way of celebrating the Luobu Music Launch Party Event!


Roblox Classic Cap

With the all-new Roblox Community Space experience, players can now collect different items like Roblox Classic Cap. But to collect this item, players are required to complete different tasks like visiting the game arena, setting up artwork, and taking a photo. After completing such a task, claim the prize.


Bandito Army Jacket

From the Bandito Army Jacket Roblox page, players can collect a free army jacket. It’s made available for players who want to celebrate the Twenty One Pilots event.


KSI Golden Headphones & AOTP Hat

Players can collect AOTP Hat and Golden Headphones from their perspective pages. After navigating to the page of their favorite item, simply click on the big green Get button to claim the item.


Stranger Things Items

Head into the Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall game to get Dustin’s Hat, without having to pay a single penny. After getting the item, launch the game and claim your reward from the Avatar Store in Roblox.


Bloxy Awards 2021 Items

To claim seven free items in Roblox, get into the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards game. It will allow you to claim different items related to the Bloxy Builder. You can go into different categories and claim the awarded items for free.

Free Nerf Items

The Nerf Hub allows you to claim rewards like Dart Cap and Dart Glasses. Such items can be collected by completing goals by using Claw Machine and by firing a round at the practice range.


Royal Blood Beanie

From the 2021 Bloxy’s, you can claim different royal rewards like Blood Beanie for free. Here, you can also purchase items related to Royal Blood Beanie, the English Duo. So you will have to use your coins to get the exclusive items.


Happy New Year Ox

If you want to have a friend by your side 24/7, you should get the Happy New Year Ox. This item was made available by Roblox to help players celebrate the Lunar year 2021. The Ox will help you make good choices and keep on track.


Why Don’t We

A new event named Why Don’t We is being added to the Roblox launch party. Players can collect this Fan Hand Sign from Roblox, without having to spend a single penny.


Wonder Women Items

Exclusively for the DC fans, some of the Wonder Women items are made available. Players can collect such items by playing Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience to earn coins and collect rewards. To complete quests, they need to scavenge around an island. Different items like armor, weapons, hair, etc are collectible from the store.

Shield of Sentinal

Shield of Sentinal is favored by many Roblox players. But you can only get it from the Beat the Scammers game, by answering anonymous questions. According to the game’s name, you are required to answer 10 questions that will be helpful for you in the future, to avoid scammers in Roblox.

Roblox Free Items

Creator Challenges

With Creator Challenges, you get to improve your tactics in Roblox. You are asked to watch the provided tutorials and then answer some questions. If you are successful in answering the asked questions, you are heavily rewarded. Following are the different Creator Challenges:

Roblox Free Avatar Shop Items

Now, I present some of the Roblox Free Items which you can collect from the Avatar shop. Such items are made available by the developers and the players as well. You can also search for them within the store or simply click on the desired item to collect it instantly from the Roblox Avatar store.






Face Equipment







FAQs: Roblox Free Items

How to get more Roblox-free items?

The hassle-free way of getting more free items is by using the Roblox Promo Codes. But if you are satisfied by the variety of such codes, you can also purchase Robux from stores like Walmart. Because with Robux, you get free codes that help you collect more items in Roblox.

How often do Roblox free items expire?

The occasionally free items expire, once the event has been completed. But most of the Roblox Free Items are added for a while so that more users can benefit from it. Though, when an item expires, a substitute for such an item is made available by the developers.

Which items can I get in Roblox?

One can get various Catalogue items for free in Roblox. Such items are made available by the developers, so there’s nothing wrong with using them. But you have to be careful while getting them, always try to get the codes from trusted sources.

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading about Roblox Free Items, at it’sDailyTech.

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