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How to Reset Network Settings on Samsung Galaxy S22


The following article emphasizes a solution to Reset Network Settings on Samsung Galaxy S22. The purpose of drafting this article is to help individuals who have customized their network settings, and now are unable to connect their S22 with other devices or wireless networks.

Reset Network Settings on Samsung Galaxy S22

Restoring Network Settings to Defaults is a good option for those who are facing any network-related issues on S22. Because by performing such a workaround, users can remove any corrupted or faulty settings, which they enabled by mistake.


Also, some third-party applications can be a huge cause of network issues, especially the ones that have full access to the device’s system memory. So it’s better to keep your device clean of applications that can customize the system settings and perform a network reset to bypass any connectivity errors on S22.

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How Do I Reset Network Settings on Samsung Galaxy S22?

Users can easily reset network settings to default by following a simple procedure. They can navigate to the device’s settings and command their device to perform such an activity. And if they haven’t enabled voice commands on S22, they can manually execute this task with the help of the following steps:

  • Launch the Apps Viewer and tap once on the Settings icon.
  • After launching the Settings app, swipe down a little to locate General Management
  • From the General Management tab, go to the Reset section.
  • Now, simply tap once on the Network Reset button.
  • Confirm your identity by entering the designated lock pattern.
  • At last, tap on the Reset button.
  • Once the process of resetting starts, try to avoid messing with your S22 device.
  • Thereafter, soft reset S22 to benefit from the previously implied changes.

Is it Safe to Restore Network Defaults on S22?

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with restoring your network settings. Because this action only removes the data related to wireless connectivity. To be specific, it only deletes data associated with BlueTooth, Wi-Fi, VPN, Mobile Data, and APN.

So it’s totally safe to perform this operation, and it doesn’t harm your mobile device in any way. Further, there’s no need to create a backup of saved files, before performing this operation, it doesn’t mess with the saved media files and installed applications.

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