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How to Reset Keyboard Settings on Samsung Galaxy S22


Read this tutorial to understand how to Reset Keyboard Settings on Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra. So that users who have performed some customizations on the Samsung keyboard can restore the default settings.

Reset Keyboard Settings on Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung has provided an update for users who are interested in changing the fonts, keyboard colors, and language. Such a facility is rolled out by Samsung for users who are bored by ordinary keyboard interfaces.


The update doesn’t force any particular keyboard theme on its users, but only helps one to make some appearance changes, so he doesn’t feel dull while typing a text or term. So if you have performed some customizations with your Samsung keyboard, here’s what you should do to reset it.

How Do I Reset Keyboard Settings on Samsung Galaxy S22?

Users can easily Restore Keyboard Settings to Default by performing a simple procedure. Because such settings are available for every user, you are not required to enable any hidden options. But only ensure that you meet the following requirements:

  • Make sure that your S22 device is fully responsive. And if it isn’t, perform a soft reset so it could start responding properly to your request.
  • Keep your device updated to the latest Software OS. Because only then, it would be best to restore the default settings. (Settings → Software Update → Download and Install)

If the bother aforementioned requirements are met, you can perform the following steps to Reset Keyboard Settings on Samsung Galaxy S22.

  • Launch the Settings app (you can launch it from Apps Viewer or Quick Panel)
  • Navigate to the General Management tab (This will help you launch menus from where you can perform various customizations like enabling text-to-speech, auto-fill, date & time, and language)Reset Samsung Keyboard Settings
  • Your job is to tap once on Samsung Keyboard Settings (from this tab you can either customize the keyboard settings or reset it to defaults)
  • Tap on the Reset to Default Settings option (It will lead you towards the keyboard reset options)Restore Keyboard Settings on S22
  • At last, tap on Reset Keyboard Settings and confirm your action (This action will erase all the Samsung keyboard customizations)

Once you have successfully restored the default keyboard settings, ensure to reboot your S22 device. So that its cache doesn’t trouble you at all.

However, if you are unable to get back the default keyboard settings, even after performing the aforementioned procedure, do perform a Wipe Cache Partition. Because now, it can be an error because of the corrupted system cache.

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