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How to Recover Gmail without Phone Number and Email [2022]


A working way to Recover Gmail without Phone Number and Email, let you get your Gmail account back.

You forgot your Mail Password that was on your old Phone number and also you don’t have access to the recovery email! 

What will you do to recover your Gmail password without a phone number and recovery email!


It is probably the most difficult thing to do because you don’t have to the recovery ways even.

Do you remember your last password?

Don’t worry you still have an option of recovering the Gmail account, even if you don’t have access to phone number and recovery mail.

This tutorial will teach you how to do it.

How to Recover Gmail without Phone Number and EMail

Recover Gmail without Phone Number and Email

Let’s begin the procedure of recovering Gmail without a Phone number and secondary email (Used for recovery). Follow the steps one by one.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Visit Google Account Recovery

Recover Gmail without Phone Number and Email

You need to visit the Google Account Recovery Page first. Visit the URL given below
Visit Recovery
This is the page especially developed by Google specifically for mail recovery

Enter your email

Recover Gmail without Phone Number and Email

Enter your Email ID which you forgot the password and want to recover it.
Click on the next button to proceed.

Choose to Try Another Way!

Recover Gmail Password Without Phone Number and Email

Google Recovery will give you the option to enter the password but obviously, you forgot that.

“Try another way” once again


After you clicked on “Try another way to sign in” in the above step, you will land on the phone verification method.
Don’t have access to the phone?

Repeat “Try Another Way”


Unlike the previous step, this time you will get the option of receiving a recovery code on your recovery mail.
What will you do if the recovery Email is also not available! Keep Following.

And Again!

Recover Gmail without Phone Number and Email

Now they will offer you to receive the recovery code on your Phone number. If you don’t have a phone number too, then the last option is written in the below steps.

A long wait of 2 days

As you don’t have any detail to prove your account ownership, Google will verify it. Users need to wait for 48 hours at least.

So, viewers! this was the short method to recover Gmail without recovery mail and phone number. Now, we are explaining the method in detail.

Google Recovery Page

The first step from visiting the Google Account recovery page, we gave the URL Above.

After you opened the URL, you will be taken to the recovery page, where you need to click on the first link under Forgot your Password.

It will take you to the Account recovery procedure step 1. Google will ask you to enter the Email whose password you lost. After entering the Mail, Copy it!

When it comes to the password which you obviously forgot. You need to choose Try another way.

Click on Try Another way it will take you to another option.

Didn’t receive the confirmation pop-up on the phone, or you don’t have access to the phone anymore? That’s the time you need to move forward to the second option.

Get a Text Code

It is the most common way of recovering passwords of any account-based platform in the world.

The platform sends you the verification code on your phone, Alphabetical, Number or mix.

When you enter that code, you recover the account successfully.

But users who don’t have the phone number where the text was sent! Or, they don’t have the phone!

They should keep proceeding towards the next solution.

Last option – Wait for 48 Hours

The last hope for the Gmail account owner > Lost Password > Don’t have access to recovery email > Don’t have access to the phone number.

Google will keep you waiting for 48 hours to check whether you are a real owner or not. They will deeply analyze the IPs, address where you frequently sign-in, WiFi connection, etc.

Fix Gmail Temporary Error

Rectify Gmail Temporary Errors

Solutions to general and specific issues of the Gmail app/web. Learn how to solve common Temporary errors on Gmail

Google has strict policies and they don’t compromise on users’ privacy. Technically, through this method! anyone can claim another one’s Gmail account. So, obviously, Google Authorities has to carefully analyze the track record of the specific Gmail account.

Not just the Gmail account but your entire Google Account.

Please try to follow this procedure from that internet connection, where you frequently sign in to your Gmail account. There is a strong chance that Google will let you hold your Gmail Account Back.

That’s your last hope – Best of luck with it.

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