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How to Recover Deleted Facebook Account? [2022]

  • Visit the Facebook Login interface on your web browser.
  • Sign in using your FB account credential (which is deactivated).
  • Click on the Cancel Deletion option.
  • That’s how you Recover Deleted Facebook Account.
Recover Deleted Facebook Account

How Do I Recover Deleted Facebook Account?

Whenever you delete a Facebook, it’s not instantly removed from the servers. It’s actually present on the FB servers, for about 30-days. But after this time period, your account data gets deleted from the servers, and there’s no way of retrieving it.

However, if it’s been less than 30-days, you can use the drafted method to get back your deactivated FB account.


Total Time: 2 minutes

Restore Facebook Account

1. Launch the Facebook app on your smartphone or visit facebook.com on your web browser.

2. Enter your deactivated account details and click on the Sign-in button.

3. You will be prompted to the account restoration page, simply click on the Cancel Deletion button, to reactivate it.

After that, you can start using your deactivated account, without having to concern with the help center. If you are doing this operation within 30-days, you will not be bothered by confirmation emails.

Recovering FB Account: Video Tutorial

FAQs: Recover FB Account

How to recover a permanently deleted FB account?

To tell you the truth, it isn’t possible to recover a permanently deleted account. That’s why Facebook recommends its users deactivate their accounts. So that, users have the option of retrieving the account data, whenever they please.

Is it possible to reactivate the account after 15-days?

Yes, Facebook allows users to reactivate their account even after 15-days. If they are doing it within the timescale of 30-days, they can achieve such a goal without concerning the help center. Because such a reward can be claimed directly from the login interface.

What’s the difference between Deletion and Deactivation in FB?

If you are confused in learning the difference between FB account deletion and deactivation, consult with the following points:

1. A deactivated account can be recovered. Whereas, the deleted account can’t be restored, once its data is bieng removed from the servers.

2. Users with deactivate account can still use the messenger app. But the deleted account holders can’t use any apps associated with their deleted FB account.

3. From a deactivated account, the data remain intact with the profile and may be visible to some users (until it’s deleted by FB). And the moment you delete your account, all of the data is deleted.

4. Some of the deactivated account details stay visible for others, which is not possible from the deleted account, its data gets removed instantly.

5. One thing that remains the same is that other users won’t be able to search for deactivated and deleted accounts.

Now that you have acknowledged the facts regarding account deletion and deactivation, I wouldn’t think you would ever consider deleting your account. And that’s what Facebook Inc. also recommends to its users, to never delete their accounts permanently, so they can be retrieved.

How to recover deleted FB account after 1 year?

Unfortunately, there’s no way of getting back your deleted Facebook account after 1 year. Because the accounts can be only retrieved if their data is stored within the servers.

And the permanently deleted account data gets removed from the servers, after 90-days. So then, even the help center wouldn’t be able to help you at all.

After which, the only choice left for you will be of creating a new Facebook account. And in my opinion, it never harms you in creating a new account, that doesn’t cost you a penny.

How long does it take to recover a FB account?

You would be amazed to know the fact that it only takes 1-2 minutes to recover a deactivated account. Once you have commanded Facebook to cancel the deletion process, your account gets activated instantly. And from that moment on, you can keep using your FB account, for as long as you please.

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